Tuesday, September 20, 2011

What's new

How weird is it that I am doing 2 posts in a row? Does that mean no one else is using the blog anymore? I just wanted to post a little update about our journey. As most of you probably know, when we went to the Cancer Treatment Center for our last visit, they told us that the cancer had progressed and that they were basically out of treatment options. They said our best bet was to look into doing some clinical trials. We tried the one they thought would be best but it is full. As I'm sure you can imagine, we were disappointed (and had lots of other feelings) with this news. But since then we have looked into alternative treatments. I am learning new things every day. The first thing we found was infrared treatment. Mae mentioned that Keith had used an infrared pain for some pain he had. That reminded me that I had used infrared on my frozen shoulder after physical therapy didn't work and the infrared healed my shoulder. So I called Anna to ask where she got the pad. She told me about a friend of hers and gave me her number. I called her friend, Debbie, and she is amazing. She not only told me all about the infrared but she let me borrow her pad and showed me the infrared hothouse bed she has. She is extremely knowledgeable and super nice. She also works at a store that has great natural stuff and another very knowledgeable naturopath. We mostly wanted the infrared to help Bill with the pain from the shingles but it turns out it also helps with cancer. We also ordered the hothouse dome and are just starting to use that. Then I read about something called the Budwig protocol where you blend cottage cheese and flaxseed oil. The combination makes the flaxseed oil much more absorbable and easier for our bodies to use. This helps to kill cancer cells because it oxygenates them and cancer doesn't like oxygen. Bill eats it every day and even likes it. Go figure :) . The day after I read this, I met with a nutritionist/natural healing/ biofeedback/ essential oils / flower essence woman. She is awesome and she knew a lot about the Budwig protocol and the research behind it and loves it. It's so cool to find stuff on the internet and then have a living person that you know verify it. She also is helping me eat better. So I went to a store that has all sorts of healthy food like Anna makes. I had grain free granola with soaked nuts mixed with blueberry coconut kefir for breakfast and then I had Black Bean and Bison soup for supper. They are delicious. I'm excited to learn what we like and then learn to make it myself. I also got the name of a friend of a friend who went to Switzerland for cancer treatment when the doctors here said there was nothing they could do. He had a treatment where they raise your temperature to fight the cancer. I am going to be giving him a call tomorrow. There are many alternative treatments and I trust that if it is God's will, we will find one that works. I could go on forever about all I'm learning but my fingers would get tired. I will try to post again when I know what we're doing next. As always, the most important thing is to keep the prayers coming. Love you! Monica