Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Updates from Mom

I received a call from Mom this morning. I thought I would share a few of the newsy items with you all, since she apparently forgets who she tells things to. She said "so we leave tomorrow" so I replied "really, where to?" She said I thought I told you, but she probably did like I do and told the same kid 3 times and forgot the others. They are driving with Marge and Jerry and going to New York to see John and Laura. They will be back the first week of October around the 5th or so.

She also said the Uncle Wayne has been moved to a rehabilitation center in Middleton to get stronger. For those who have not been on that list of those who know. Wayne had his gallbladder out a few weeks ago and it was more difficult than the average surgery. He has been in pretty rough shape and is hopefully on his way to recovery. It is still touch and go with infection and drainage hopefully that too is heading the right direction.

Now for Christmas. The date is Dec. 29th and the Hamden hall is the place. Further details will come from Jeff and Marcy or maybe Mom. Anyone with a creative idea can post it and Jeff can read and decide what he wishes to do with the thoughts. That is all for now SO HAVE A GREAT DAY AND A BETTER TOMORROW. Julie

Growing Fast

You know how everyone says that time fly’s, while it truly dose, it was just 7 months ago that I was holding my brand new baby boy and now that same boy is army crawling all over the place and getting into everything, as well as on Monday he cut his first tooth. Where dose the time go?

So besides running after Oliver and trying to child proof my house I have been doing some canning with my mom and Anna. Just last week we canned 66 pints of apple sauce. YUM! YUM!

While that’s all from us know hope everyone is enjoying their fall.

The Griepentrog’s

Friday, September 14, 2007

Merfeld Move in time

After a long winter and a summer filled with long days and nights Jesse and I are starting to move in to our new house:) the wood floors are installed and the painting is finished trim is being finished this weekend and my walk in closet is ready to be filled. Over all the process has went well with only a couple of bumps in the road. In addition to have a new house Jesse and I are adding another member to our family. Made you all think didn't I :) we are picking up our new beagle puppy "Diesel" the first week in October he is almost 4 weeks old now and a little cutie, after Charlie passed away on Christmas eve night I told Jesse I wanted another beagle.
well hope every one is doing well and yes I will be having a cookie exchange this year at my new house:)

Thursday, September 13, 2007

We are "selling" a toy box. If interested please call or email.

The asking price is $0.00 + two other items that are looking for a good home. Just kidding, just come and get it (Rita made me say that.)

Life is about change...

Good morning all! It's been a while since I've posted on here and well...a lot has changed. So here I go.

My days of being super Nanny have ended. It ended rather quickly almost a month ago. I came to a realization, a difficult one, but I realized that I could not handle 4 children, 50 hrs a week, by myself while having a life of my own. So I came to my senses, admitted my feelings, and that was that. I miss them terribly but I guess that's life right?

On another note, I have time to myself again! I am currently attending Gateway Tech College to get my Nursing Assistant Certificate. I go to class 2 days a week for 4 hrs each day. The class is going really well and surprisingly it wasn't as hard to get back into the "school scene" as I thought it would be. The first portion of the class is all classroom/lab work where we learn all the skills and the 2nd portion of the class will be spent at the nursing home doing clinicals and practicing everything we learned. The entire class is complete December 6th. It's going great!!

And finally to fill my void of helping people, (and to make $ of course), I got a new job! I work at an Assisted Living Facility. It's much like a nursing home with the exception that there isn't a Registered Nurse on site at all times, and they have to be a LITTLE more able to take care of themselves. I'm enjoying it a lot! I have 2 more small classes to become CBRF (community based residential facility) certified. I'm still in the learning process because there is A LOT to take it, but I can already tell I'm headed in the right direction. :)

Well that's all for now, time to go do some laundry. (Wow did I just sound like my mom) Hope everyone has a good day!

Love, Brenda

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Noah's football games - UPDATED 09/13/07

If anyone is interested Noah's football games start this Saturday.

8:30 AM Wildcat-Orange vs. Deforest-Purple @ Verona H.S. #2

The field is located here: This link should take you to his game schedule. He is DeForest Purple

I will try to take some decent photo's and post them after the games.


09/08/07 Game
Thank you all. I forgot the camera, so I have no photo's - duh! I will try to remember this week. (We play in Mount Horeb at noon).

First game was a great game! We played at Verona's new youth football field. We were the first visiting team to play on the field. But, we tied!! The time ran out with us on the 2 yard line on the way in. Bummer, but it was a very close game and we were very even. I think we had the skills and they had the size, but I am sure Verona parents would disagree. Noah mainly plays offense tackle and did a great job sticking with him man! I will add to this blog each week, so look for the updated title!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Labor Day Weekend Fun!

Hello All! Just a quick note and some great pictures to share with everybody. Chris and I just got back from an ITV conferene in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. When we heard the conference was going to be in Idaho, we thought what the heck is in Idaho except potatoes?!?!

Low an behold, we were in the heart of a beautiful mountainous lake area. The lake was 25 miles long and absolutely breathtaking! The sunrise over the mountain was beautiful and we had 2 wonderful sunset dinner cruises.

Just wanted to share with everybody! Love to y'all!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007


With summer fading as we get into September, we begin my favorite part of the year. The time when we all think of the fun we had in the summer the things we want to do before winter and most of all the Thanks we give for everything. I love to count my blessings and Thank God for all because when I do nothing seems to overwhelming. So as the nights get cooler(they do in Florida too, don't they) and the mosquitoes freeze(yeah) remember to say your "Thank You" and "I Love You" it is the best medicine ever used. With a spring in your step, a smile on your face, and a laugh in your heart take a walk and enjoy the fall, for like kids it will be gone before you know it and the new season will come -ready or not. Have a great day everyone! Julie

Monday, September 3, 2007

is this thing on?

Greetings fellow family members! I THINK I might actually have a moment to blog and catch you up on the happenings around the Windsor Street Weindl's, I mean, Reindl's! (Even when typing, I cannot speak right!)

Things are EXTREMELY quiet here today, Labor Day. We took Nick back to Milwaukee to his humble abode last Thursday, and we moved Josh into the dorms at UW-Milwaukee on that same day as well...

and I am sad. :(

But they, THEY are doing really well, so I am HAPPY about that!

Although, I think we will always refer to August 30th as "the day the music died" at 317 Windsor Street, because after four LONG years of nothing but live music by various bandmates streaming from these walls and out onto the streets and into Peter's yard...

it is quiet...

TOO quiet.

(Even Meaghan is gone this weekend, up north camping with her friend, Laura.) It's just Joey, Vince and I...a sign of the times to come, I know, but we all agree we have to take up instruments now and get us some gigs!!!

Anyway, I will give you Nick's new address in case you want to ever write him or stop in...he LOVES company. Nick Reindl 2707 N. Oakland Ave. Milwaukee, WI 53211
His email address is and his cell phone is 608-513-0928.

Josh's new address (he lives about 6 blocks from Nick) is: Josh Reindl 3400 N. Maryland Ave.
Sandburg Hall - Box 1836 Milwaukee, WI 53211
His email address is and his cell phone is 608-444-7253

We are VERY excited about Josh's first 24 hours in the dorms, as we found out one of his suitemates brought and plays a stand-up bass, but he also secured himself a job at Jimmy John's sub shop! We think Josh is going to be just fine!

Well, enough for now because as you know, I could blog on, and on, and on, and on, and on...
and on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on...

I'm sure you will all remember but don't forget to call your mom and dad (or grandma and grandpa) and wish them a Happy Anniversary today! I think it's #52, isn't it!!?? It's amazing, that's for sure!! I think I can hear them celebrating and whooping it up all the way down here...I better go and see what's happening!

love to you all,