Sunday, August 31, 2008

UW-Milwaukee Bound!!

Greetings one and all!

Well, the day has finally come and my three "peas in a pod" are off to UW-Milwaukee to pursue their separate dreams...*sniff, sniff* for me and HIP HIP HOORAY for them!!

Meaghan has already spent a few nights there although I'm not sure how much sleep she has gotten! She has a single room and only has to share her bathroom with three other girls. The dorm she is in, Sandburg Hall, is truly like staying in a hotel. There is a coffee shop, movie theatre, fabulous laundry facilities (where the machine actually EMAILS you when your load is done!!), a late night restaurant, a fitness center AND even a convenience store (that Nick works at)! Her cafeteria is also in there, not to mention a few computer centers, so she honestly NEVER has to leave...

well, I guess except to go to classes!

I should go back to college, or at least be an ambassador for UW-Milwaukee!

Nick and Josh will be moving into their house tomorrow. Meaghan is anxiously awaiting their arrival as she never, ever planned on being there by herself. It was terribly hard to say goodbye to her because always, in MY mind, I pictured a brother on either side of her when we dropped her off...and they couldn't move into their place until September we only had Meaghan to say farewell to. She said she is not going outside until they come, and I believe her!!

The boys' place is very, very cool. They are living 1-1/2 blocks from campus in the 2nd and 3rd stories of a nicely kept home. (Thank goodness!) On BOTH floors, there is a kitchen, large bathroom, TWO bedrooms, living room and some extra living space...the floors are connected by a spiral staircase in one living room and then there's also a stairwell in the back part of the house for when you just want to walk up normally! They also have off-street parking and in case you can't tell, I LOVE this place! We are hoping that they can live there until each one graduates, which should be at least four years IF they decide to stay in Milwaukee (or in school!) As I have learned with my own life, it's fun to explore and try all sorts of's not always about the destination, but it IS about the journey.

And Josh has taught me that all who wander are not lost...

Here are their email addresses, in case you want to drop them a line: Meaghan
(, Josh ( and Nick ( (I'm guessing you all noticed the pattern there! :)

IF you are like me, and like to also pencil in an address in my address book, here are their snail mail addresses:

Meaghan Reindl

3400 Maryland Avenue

Mailbox #2312

Milwaukee, WI 53211

Nick and Josh Reindl

2958 N. Cramer St.

Milwaukee, WI 53211

Well, I am going to get going now because I have to go and buy more Kleenex. Joey is doing really well so far, and we did welcome a new puppy into our lives (named Koda) that I'll blog about next time. Poor kid...with having to get Meaghan shopped for and off to college, and then the boys moving into their own place and making sure all the financial aid is in order and renting the U-Haul and coordinating all the moving...I forgot that JOEY starts school on Tuesday too!!

Pray for him...his mom has lost her mind...and three of her favorite roommates...

til next time,

xo, ~kelly

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Noah's Football Schedule

Been a while since I have blogged - very busy summer. We are working on fixin' up Noah's "new" basement bedroom and finally getting a bathtub in the basement bathroom. He is very excited! But, he is even more exited about his football. Everyone is invited to come and watch him play football - hopefully broken-arm free! Here is his schedule:

Sept. 6: 10:15 am at Deforest High School Field 1
Sept. 13: 10:15 am at Deforest High School Field 1
Sept. 20: 9:00 am at Waunakee Purple Field 1
Sept. 27: 10:15 am at Deforest Hight School Field 2
Oct. 4: 10:15 am at Warner Park White Field 1
Oct. 11: 10:45 am at Southside (Penn Park)
Oct. 18: 8:30 am at Deforest High School Field 2

We have a GREAT schedule with all the games fairly close.

See you on the sidelines!!!


Sunday, August 24, 2008

Summer Fun

Well it’s been a busy summer here at the Griepentrog’s with Arnie busy with the farm and work and Katie running after Oliver. Oliver is growing fast and is a very busy boy getting into everything and learning things way to fast. We have had fun this summer going swimming and to both Columbia and Dodge Fairs. Oliver and I went to the State Fair again this year with my mom, MaryBeth and Emily, which means that Oliver has now been to the State fair twice and Arnie still has yet to go in his life, oh, well maybe next year. I hope every one is enjoying their summer and I hope to see all of you at Mom and Dad at the end of September.
Swimming Fun
Yum! Yum! Sweet Corn

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Merfeld News

Hi Everyone, i don't have much time before i leave work for the day but wanted to give everyone an update on how life is at the Merfeld Farm. I recently was asked to help make window treatments and pillows for the extreme home makeover show that took place in Richland Center, it was a lot of fun but very exhausting considering i had morning sickness, yes you heard right Jesse and I are going to be welcoming a little bundle of joy come mid March. In other news Jesse is going through a job change and is now working at John Deere in Horicon where they make lawn and garden tractors, he starts on Monday. Well now it is 4:47 and i can start shut down at work and go home, I think we are going to grill out tonight and go to bed early, sleep, I tend to need that a lot :)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My Monday

Monday August 18th I had the joy of nuzzling and smelling my grand baby. Here is some of what we did together.

Saturday, August 16, 2008


Here is one of the best feelings a parent can have. When your children succeed, in anything big or small. You get to share in the success with a feeling of heart bursting pride. I have been blessed to share in many of these moments with my children, but yesterday I had a double dip of pride as I watched(during my many breaks) Dawn and Amy apply new life to the walls of the condo Amy purchased on Friday morning. This has been years in the making with Dawn showing Amy houses in Delavan, Elkhorn and the surrounding area. Then Amy moves with a new job and begins again with a new realtor. She has finally found a warm homy feeling condo to call her own. I think the warmth of Grandma and Grandpas combined with the coziness of a warm fire on a snowy evening took her to the point of decision. They both had much to be proud of and I soaked it all in as I listened to conversation and heard the confidence they had in each other and the pride Dawn had of Amy making this decision and finally seeing the fruits of both of their labor pay off. I will not be painting today I have to rest up for Sunday and Monday as I get my grand baby while Brenda works Monday morning(more heart bursting pride). Today Greg and Ed along with Amy and Dawn will be painting. I'm sure it will be a day of work and laughs.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

We have teeth!!!!!

Well actually we have had teeth for about a month now, but I have just been soo busy with work and chasing after the fastest crawling child I have ever seen. I feel sometimes that he is going to crawl so fast that he will just stand up and power walk. He is eating everything that we are now with a few bottles still here and there. He took his first trip on an amtrak metra last Sunday. We went to Chicago for an Huggies audition and we will find out next week if he got the job. They loved his big blue eyes and smile. Hope everyone is well we love and miss you all, sorry I have been soo busy and couldn't post any pictures earlier!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Good morning everyone!Just got off the phone with Mom and we have the plans for Sunday August 17th party. Corn Fest so of course we are planning around corn for our menu.
Grilling Time: 1:00
Bring your meat - Mom has the buns.
Bring a dish to pass and your drinks.
Hope to see you all there and Mom has a very busy August so if you want to take her to breakfast, lunch, or supper for her birthday you better get on the list now. Any questions or comment you can call Mom or leave me an email or post. Julie

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Moving Again.....As a HOMEOWNER this time!!!!

Hello All,
I am moving again! But I promise, I won't be moving again for a long long long time. I have purchased a condo, (half duplex) in Oregon. I will be moving on Saturday August 23rd if anyone wants to help. I am closing this Friday, and boy am I excited. Then on to painting and new carpet in the living room. The house is in move in condition, but everything is white, so I want to add some color to the walls. I will be having a housewarming party some time after I get everything settled in. I'll post some pictures once we get the painting done. :) Oh maybe you would like to know a little bit about the condo.......

....... It is a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom, 1776 sq ft condo. It is a tri-level style like Grandma and Grandpa's house. There is an attached 2 car garage and a deck off the back. It is located in a quiet neighborhood, very close to Hwy 14. So I'll be 10 minutes south of Madison instead of 30, wow what a difference that will make.

Also Teddy has been making some new friends at the Doggie Day Care that is just a block from my new house. I have been taking him there when there are going to be people in the house I am living in now, while I am at work. Boy does it wear him out! :)

That's all for now, have to get back to packing.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Just a Little Tender Moment

Greg had a little Uncle training this weekend. He even put her to sleep and was drooled on.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Hi everyone,
I was just going through a few pictures and remembered my mama didn't put any up from our family vacation... so there are a few from when me and my mama went sky diving on my birthday! Then a few of noah and I at the cedar point amusment park and in our log cabin in WV. Then of course couldn't leave out our wonderful Audrey.. this is the most recent picture of her and I when me and my dad when out to visit her! Enjoy! Hope everyone is doing wonderful!