Saturday, April 12, 2008

Mothers Day Mission

I know, I know I always like to make lists and assign jobs. Well this is no different. Mothers Day is coming in May and I have a priceless idea for Mom/Grandma. Every time Mom comes this way she asks to see the Blog and she reads it, Dawn even sends her photocopies of pages at a time. Mom always sends her a Thank You so I know she loves to see the Pictures and hear our stories. So I am hoping that everyone who reads the blog will participate with a warm heart full love and kindness. The Mission I hope to accomplish is:
1. Everyone write an entry about a favorite Mom or family memory.
2. Post it on the blog
3. Include a picture of some sort with your post if possible.
4. I will print all posts and maybe any comments if warranted.
Should I get enough participation I will make a Julie style scrapbook(elementary level). I will either send it or deliver it to her so she can have a place to store her Blog copies. Any ideas, remember I'm artistically illiterate, are welcome. If you need help posting on the blog just email me and I will hopefully be able to assist.

Friday, April 11, 2008

The 411 on Chris & Dawn

Good Morning All!

What's in everbody's plans for the weekend? Here's the 411 on our weekend - We have a Super Saturday event up in Minneapolis this weekend with ITV. We'll be doing an opportunity meeting in the morning, then helping to do the training in the afternoon... this is all warm up for next weekend.... and even bigger Super Saturday down in Itasca IL.

To bring everybody up-to-date, Chris and I have been so blessed to have ITV In our lives. If we were relying on real estate alone, we'd be about 50 lbs. apiece and starving because the market really isn't pretty. We're still waiting to see if any of our Chicago neighbors come up to create any demand for lake properties... it hasn't happened yet.

So we work with all of our ITV team all day long. It's exciting to get up in the morning to see who had success after we went to bed last night. It's awesome to be able to help someone that never thought they could own their own business get on the phones for the first time and make an extra $3K in their first month working just 10 hrs. on the weekends. We're helping to impact so many lives and it's so rewarding! The more we teach and give of ourselves, the happier we feel and the bigger our ITV family gets!

So if you see santa's sleigh along the freeway headed up to MN, make sure you don't hit us with a big slush logie :) - they thankfully did downgrade the blizzard they were originally predicting 48 hrs. ago. So it won't really be that bad of a drive!

Love to all and we hope you have an incredibly uplifting weekend too! We want to hear what you did. We'll be looking for new posts on Monday!!! ;)

Dawn & Chris