Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Look what happens when we go out for coffee...

A relaxing Sunday afternoon... Chris and I decided to grab a coffee and spread out a blanket in the park to enjoy the first signs of summer watching the lake.

Bella Marie - Click to enlarge photos
We headed down to Williams Bay figuring it would be more quiet and relaxing than Lake Geneva.  BUT... our favorite coffee shop in The Bay is closed on Sundays... until next weekend - but that really is a long time to wait for a cup of coffee.  Seeing as it's the ONLY coffee shop in Williams Bay, off to Lake Geneva we go!

Woot, Woot!  It's BOGO day at Caribou!  WINNNER WINNNNNNER!!!  Chris buys and Dawn drinks for free!  YEAH!  But Large Mocha Lattes can be a bit too much caffeine...

Wandering around Lake Geneva we pretend like we're tourists... including stopping at the local real estate office.
Dang it, they figured us out... I guess make believe is over.

So we decided to go back to the park by the lake where we parked the van, get our our picnic blanket, books and enjoy a bit of sun.  No parking ticket... good, plug in a few more quarters for insurance and we're set.

No sooner had we settled down, then a little 4-legged critter comes bounding at us.  Little furry critter jumps up in my lap and immediately starts kissing me like crazy.  Behind her, her brother and 2 young girls came running up.

As it turns out these two adorable little creatures are 14 week old Silky Yorkshire Terrier puppies.  Yes, the one that jumped in my lap was a little female and they called her Foxy.  She went from kissing my face to nuzzling into my neck to laying on the blanket next to me... on her back sunning her tummy.

As her owners came chasing behind their two girls, we found out a bit more about the dogs.  They were born the day before Grandpa's birthday, February 1st. 

Let's fast forward...

The owners were going to grab some lunch, Chris and I were going to discuss if having a puppy was even possible and we were parting ways.

That sounded simple...
What really happened was that this little puppy girl began to cry and wiggle trying to get out of her owners arms to come back to me.  The wife brought her back over and immediately she stopped crying and tried jumping to me.  I held her she nuzzled in and let me know that this is where she was meant to be.

Now I know I'm nuts... like caramel cashew ice cream nuts... but a tiny dog... a puppy, what the heck was I thinking?  We brought the little one home with us along with the plan that the owners would meet us at their house after they got a bite to eat.  Once we got home, Cody and Brandi both looked at us with that "Really?  A puppy, c'mon mom... you've to be kidding!"

And then sniffing chipmunks around the downspouts became SOOOO much more exciting. 

Since Sunday we've learned Nyla Bones save flip flops, squeeky toys start out frightening and end up ringing in your ears and 3:30 am isn't such a bad time to wake up if it means we don't have to clean an accident up out of the crate.

We've both always been big dog lovers, but this little tiny Bella has stolen our heart... and my pink flip flops.
Apparently the bling is irresistible!  Can you blame her?  So be cautious when going out for a coffee... you could get much more than you intended!

Looking forward to sharing Bella Marie with you.
Much Highly Caffeinated Love,
Dawn, Chris
  along with Small, Medium & Large!

Bella, Brandi & Cody 
Bella Sleeping... after a long day of serious toy playing

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Summer dreaming

I took a walk this afternoon and I won. The dog got tired before me and kept looking at the side streets to go home. Then when she got home she looked at the front step and looked at me like I should help her in the door. We went in and upstairs. She took a drink of water and curled up and went to sleep. Thanks to my new shoes I can walk longer than the dog. Isn't it pathetic the something so simple makes me so happy. Take a walk and have a good day. Julie