Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Ok so I found a couple more pictures I wanted to add. With as many pictures as we have taken it's hard to pick just a couple to post and even harder to sort through them all! :) And I forgot to say- Ashlynn is 4 weeks old today!

Hello All!

Hi Everyone-

With Ashlynn's arrival things were quite chaotic for a while. Now that things have settled down I figured i'd give a bit of an update and a few pictures. :) As of last Wednesday Ashlynn was 9lbs 6oz! She grew 2" in length and is now 21" long! She's growing SO fast. She's a wonderful eater- sometimes I have to question where she puts it all! All in all things are going great! Here are a few newer pictures!

Love you all!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Goodmorning All!

I had a few spare minutes this morning so I Just wanted to update everyone on life in Burlington! The chaoticness of the past week has settled. We are finally at home as a family and some downtime has hit us! :) Ashlynn is doing wonderful, she has been a really good baby, eats great and sleeps well! Brian and I fall in love with her more and more each day (even when she is occasionally crying!) I truely can not put into words what it feels like to be a mother. It's incredible. Well i'm not going to make this too long but I will attach some pictures. :D Hope all is well with everyone.

Love- Brenda

Saturday, July 5, 2008


Just wanted to share a couple pictures of Great Grandma and Grandpa doing what they do best, "Share the Love".

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

She's Here!!

Good Morning all!

It's a girl!!!!

**good thing since we got her lots of pink & purple stuff for the baby**

Brenda & Brian's baby is here....

Ashlynn Ann Storey
7 lbs. 10 oz.
19" long
Born 7/1/2008 at 8:27 a.m.
-not bad since Bren only went in at 10:30 last night :) At least that is what I'm told... I have no experience in that arena.

Both mother and baby are doing wonderful. Bren's comment, "Dawn, it's the hardest thing I've ever done... but holding my little precious peanut is worth every bit of it!"

Hope everybody has a wonderful holiday... here's some proud Auntie pictures! Love you all!