Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Help! I need some help here! So, I've been trying to figure out a name for my Photography business. I've been kind of trying to use my name for the main reason that it then indicates that I own the business and not shooting for someone else. So, I've thought about "Photography by MaryBeth" or "MJ Photography", since my middle intial is J. But, all of those are taken, usually in another state but still... And I've thought about using my last name but seeing how very few people can pronounce it correctly, I'm thinking maybe not.

So, if you've got any ideas, good or bad please, please let me know, I'm curious to see what y'all got inside those creative minds that I'm related to but didn't get that gene, I guess. I'm beginning to realize that I need to get some business cards made up for people, too, now that people are asking.
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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Man, it's quiet in Blogland!

As you can see, it's been very quiet in blogland this week. Mom's computer took a mental vacation and Amy's working on Computer CPR. So there haven't been any updates from this corner of the state!

Chris & I just got back earlier this week from a wonderful convention in Scottsdale, AZ for our business. One of the speakers we had the priviledge of listening to was Dr. John Gray, the author of Men are From Mars, Women are From Venus. We have never laughed so hard... it was terrific. Men's & women's brains really do work differently... imagine that! We're going to be carrying a line of supplements he's coming out with later this year.

(There's about 7 people missing from this picture)
Anyhoo, we had a wonderful trip. We had about 30 people from our team there with us and about 25 more watching on live streaming video from home. It was incredibly motivating for everybody to finally get to meet our business family that up until this point, we've only been talking with on webinars and conference calls. Chris and I have been building this team for over a year now and our efforts are extremely rewarding. We're helping people to create their own business, and to become leaders and teachers themselves. The energy surrounding this trip was priceless beyond words.

As one of the top Independent Business Owners, Chris & I were invited to be on the 2008 Advisory Board for the company. We were honored with a beautiful placque at a formal dinner on Saturday evening. We had a cocktail party in the CEO's penthouse with other leaders in the business, and get to film our own infomercial about the business.

2008 is going to be a year of making dreams come true. We feel so blessed to be surrounded by such a loving family. Have a terrific week everybody! Lots of Love! Dawn

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Well, we made it! We flew in to Phoenix on the 4th (originally we thought we'd drive, but it worked out for us to fly, which was much more comfy) We are getting used to our surroundings and enjoying the sun. Right now we are in temporary housing, waiting for the house in NC to sell. we'll be here until the baby comes and hopefully in the new house in March. We've found the house that we want to buy, it has a giant back yard! Ask Mom for our new contact info. I'll be sending a Christmas/baby announcement/change of address letter sometime in feb. Here's a pic of the kids in their new jammies, Thanks Grandma!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

I Resolve To.....

Well, kids....we're almost a full week into the new year. Have you broken any of your new year's resolutions yet?

I had so much fun at the Christmas gathering. I wish it were a weekend-long event, so I could spend more time talking to everyone. The next day, I thought about so many things I wanted to ask and say to different people, and it's just not the same chatting online. What a blessing to have a family you want to spend MORE time with! I know so many people who can't wait for their family party to be over with.

I hope everyone brought the new year in safe and with people they love. I was working in jail where it was safe but not so much love. We did, however, toast with kiddie cocktails and wore silly party hats for awhile. It was a VERY busy night, as expected. I think all but 1 person that we booked were drunk. Some happy and entertaining drunks, and some very sad and rude drunks.

Have you made any new year's resolutions? I have resolved, yet again, to read the entire Bible. I made it through Genesis and Exodus last year, and now I'm in Leviticus. Not very good progress, but still progress. I also have resolved to be more proactive and asssertive in my relationships, and to take better care of myself. Let me know if you've made any resolutions. Maybe we can keep each other on track and motivated to accomplish our goals.

I look forward to hearing from all of you either here or at my e-mail


Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Next Generation

So Here is a picture of the Grandkids that were at the party when we finally got around to
taking the pictures. We had plenty of food and much fun family conversation. Jeff and family flew home today and Bridget is moving to Arizona today. Bridget we are thinking of the Doughty family today and in the weeks to come as you settle in and prepare for the new baby. MaryBeth thank you for taking the pictures I can't wait to see how well we did with our smiles. You were a saint to be so patient, Thank You! Have a Great New Year!

Just dropping by...

To say:

Happy New Year!!

Hope everyone had a great time bringing in 2008.

Love, Brenda