Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Good Morning!

Nothing special, nothing new... just that I'm thinking about you!

I woke up this morning just being grateful for family!
Hope you have a wonderful day!

Here, I'm sending you flowers from my garden! :) If only you could really smell them.....

Lots of Love! ~Dawn

Monday, July 13, 2009

Summer Fun!

So are we having fun yet?

For us in SE Wisconsin, summer has been beautiful... especially the last 4-5 days. Bridget & Jason, I really feel for you guys. I just saw Bridget's post on Facebook, which prompted me to pull up the weather forecast for Phoenix, AZ.

Wow, you guys are really getting cooked. I had gotten an e-mail from my friend Katie in Scottsdale and she was saying on Friday is was 114 and nobody is going golfing (which is source of income) because it is just too darn hot. Then I look at the 10 day forecast and you guys don't have a high below 100 for at least the next 10 days. The lows for the overnights are still in the 90's... that plum crazy!

I really feel for you. I remember the summer of 88 here and it was a cooker, we lived at the lake eating watermelon and freeze pops. Make sure you take care of your kiddos... I recommend sticking a damp t-shirt in the freezer before bed tonight so when you get up tomorrow, you can put on a nice frozen t-shirt to cool off. ♥

Brenda, I was waiting for you to post, but I'm more impatient than you. Over the weekend I went with Brenda & we met up with Brian at Brown's lake in Burlington. It was Ashlynn's first beach day and she loved it. I think she might be part mermaid Bren! LOL Anyhoo, I wanted to share a few of the pictures because we really did have a wonderful day. Brian took his jetski out so I got to help keep little fingers and curious feet within arms reach... which is a challenge when she's on a mission! We had a ball and hope you enjoy our pictures!

So dear WI family, when you say your bedtime prayers tonight for the beautiful weather we've been having and to cool it down out in Arizona.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


I hope this works. This is the grand finale for the Deforest 4th of July fireworks 2009, recorded on Scott's cell phone.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Hope your Weekend was wonderful!

Hey Everybody! I hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend. The weather seems to have cooperated for those of us in Wisconsin. How was the weather for you in Minnesota Aunt Diane or down in Jacksonville Uncle Jeff?

BTW, did you see our new poll over on the right? Make sure you get your vote counted! :)

Chris & I went to a BBQ at Chris' sister Lori's house with his family. The fireworks display we watched was on TV... see our English setter has a SERIOUS boomphobia (yes, that's the official fear of fireworks.) ☺ So we had to be home so he would not destroy our house trying to escape from the boomers outside.

Here's our newest critter... I've determined this little critter is what ate my tulips earlier this spring. Little buzzard! Charles - our woodchuck lives under our screened in front porch. And Charles is the reason we have Cody schnoozles all over the floor where the radiator pipes come up from the basement. Apparently, to Cody, Charles smells like chicken!

Katie & Arnie, congrats on your growing family. Little Oliver is just adorable copying his daddy. Just precious!

Well, enough of my rambling for now. It's great to hear from everybody on here. If you haven't posted in a while you may have some troubles signing in. Sometimes blogger suspends accounts with no activity. No worries, if you need us to send you a new invitation to join us, we'd be happy to do that. Just e-mail me at or my mom at

Have a Super Spectacular week everybody!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Summer Fun

Summer is here and the Griepentrog’s are busy, busy, busy. Arnie is busy at work and when not at work he’s working around the farm and I’m busy running after Oliver who loves to be outside every chance he gets. If you talked to Oliver you would hear all about his cows and the fact that we have baby cows. We are currently trying to teach him about other babies and that he will have a baby brother or sister coming in January. Yes! That’s right I am joining Brenda on the pregnant train. Oliver also loves to drive his battery operated John Deere Gator all around the farm and keeps me busy with running after him to make sure he doesn’t drive into anything and this year for father’s day we (Arnie & I) bought the men (Arnold & Arnie) of the farm a real John Deere Gator and now Oliver loves to have rides on the big Gator as well and a few days ago while I was trying to get some house work done Arnie took Oliver for a drive and when I looked out the window this is what I saw and I thought it was so cute I had to grab the camera.

Birthday Cake

Dawn you asked for pics so here are a few.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Happy 1st Birhtday!

Happy Birthday Ashlynn!

I am in awe that it's been a full year (in a couple hours) since I first got to hold Ashlynn. Parent's always say time goes fast and they grow up way to soon; I believe that's a statement that I never fully understood until I became a parent myself. Being a parent is the most satisfying job I could have ever asked for. It's amazing how much one little body has learned in a year. She went from being 100% dependent on Brian and I to rolling over, sitting up, walking/chasing, using her thumb and pointer finger to pick up small objects, usually food which proceeds to go directly in the mouth, to saying "good girl daddy" when he took the garbage out, to understand the meaning of hide and seek, and kisses, and "can I have a hug"; this list could go on forever. She learns something new everyday and everyday I count my blessings to have such a healthy, happy, one year old!

This is the first of MANY years to come; Happy Birthday Ashlynn! Mommy and Daddy love you! xoxo