Saturday, December 25, 2010

... and A Happy New Year!

Aloha Ohana and Mele Kalikimaka

I just want to say a simple prayer for all of you today. And that prayer is that you stop and appreciate all the wonders of our family. When I decided on the fantasy gift idea I had no idea what to expect. Noah surprised me with his idea early in the game and I realized I really that I really should not even have expectations, but just let the surprises show up – and they did! I was moved – and continue to be moved – by the gifts that were presented. Mine is proudly displayed on my bulletin board above my computer and I love sharing it with anyone who will listen. (Thanks Joey!)

And thanks to everyone who shared their fantasy gift. (And may I suggest that if you weren’t there to share yours that you share it with whoever you had. I think those people would still appreciate the gift even now.) I’m thinking about putting something together where everyone’s gifts are shared, but I’ll get back to you on that. (I think I still have a crossword puzzle to create )

What I really realized is that I have everything I need to become all that God intends for me. And so do you! There was so much talent and so many gifts present in that room that there is nothing we can’t do if we set our minds to it. And the truly amazing part of that is not just the gifts and talents but the love that permeates it all.

My gift to Katie was possibility – and, Katie I hope you don’t mind – I’d like to share that with everybody. What would be possible, if we shared and connected and reached out over the miles and days over the next year? No amount of sharing is too small. Every word of encouragement adds to the bounty and all of it will glorify Jesus our Lord and Savior whose birth we celebrate this day!

With God all things are possible and blessed as we are, my prayer is to continue to share with each other and call on each other for support and encouragement and to share it with each other when prompted to do so. How many times do you think about calling someone and decide to wait until you’re a little less busy? Or start an email but decide you really don’t have anything truly worthwhile or puposeful to share so you put it off? Well, cut it out!

I want to see connections like never before and I want to see a surge in sharing. Doesn’t that sound wonderful?

Be blessed and again - Mele Kalikimaka (and a Happy New Year).

‘Til I share again.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


I hope you are all ready or almost ready for the big weekend. I took a walk and tried to plan the order for my Christmas brunch food prep. It is a beautiful day for a crisp walk in the sun and fresh air. Great day for counting my blessings.
I thanked God for each and every one of you and asked him to bring health and happiness to all in the new year. You are all Blessings to me and I wish you a Christmas season full of wonderment and memories.
Should you find time in your busy schedule feel free to write a special tradition you try to have each Christmas. My simple tradition is Bing Crosby "White Christmas" movie.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Sunday, December 19, 2010


Diane and family did a great job! To everyone who helped in yesterdays festivities thank you, it was wonderful. I want to say we have an amazing group of individuals when combined and stirred make a great diner, from cocktails through desert. We even have a few nuts to add to the flavorful event.
I especially want to thank Mom who sent Ed home with fruit cake. I enjoyed myself so much my knees and feet are not working at all today. When I feel like crap I used to sit in my chair do a little sudoku and pet my Riley. Today I don't have my Riley but I do have my Mom's fruitcake, and for today I will rest with that comfort and watch some meaningless football and all will be ready to walk tomorrow. Thanks Mom!
Everyone enjoy the week of preparation and excitement!
Fill your heart with the joy of the season and the love of your family!
Love, Julie/Kuli

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Just to get everybody in the right spirit for Saturday... here's a little theme song for our family Christmas!

Love and safe travels to all!

Friday, December 10, 2010


I called Mom today and she said "I was just going to call you". That happens often to us but today we were both very blessed to share a tear and a laugh. She told me Uncle Norb passed away this morning. He was in hospice and was medicated to comfort at the end, may he run with the wind and rest in peace. I asked her if Uncle Norb liked dogs, and she said oh yes. Well I guess Uncle Norb and Riley get to meet again today in heaven, as I had Riley put to rest this morning. I think they will make a great team.
Mom said arrangements for Norb will be forthcoming so stay tuned for details.
I find great comfort in how life works sometimes.
See you all on the 18th.
UPDATE: Here are Uncle Norbs funeral arrangements. Go to Mount Horeb funeral home and you can find his obit there. Funeral is Wed 11:00am with the visitation Tuesday beginning at 3:00. Mom needs all the support we can send her way. She sounded quite down yesterday. So if you can't get to the visitation call her or send her a letter but I know she would love to get a little extra love right now.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Aloha Ohana

Menu Update -

But before I forget - Hawaiian attire is required. Flip flops, grass skirts, etc. Also, did I mention we're having a hula hoop contest. If you have one, bring it! Let's get those hips a-movin'!

From the mainland:
Mom/Grandma = turkey
Vince & Kelly - cheesy hash browns
Anna - pumpkin cheesecake
Carissa - mashed potatoes

Now for our tropical menu:
Kelly also volunteered to bring an appetizer and salad
Rita - Chicken Luau
Diane - caramels and Aloha Sweet Potatoes
Julie - Tropical Jello
Dawn - Tropical Fruit Salad

13 days and counting.....


Hi everyone! We had an awesome Thanksgiving and have begun the holiday season with much family memory making. We had a great Turkey dinner with Mom and Dad, and Bill joining us. Casey and family popped in for a visit and we all had a relaxing day
Ed and Greg, Amy and Brenda, and Brian in the early hours did some Black Friday shopping. Some did better than others but they all had fun. Saturday Amy Brenda Ashlynn and I went to see the lights at the Grand Geneva. Of course we went at night to see all the lights outside and inside and when you see them through the eyes of a 2 year old it is even more beautiful. Here are a few pics and a link to a great Christmas video. Enjoy the family time and the spirit of the season as we prepare to gather on Dec. 19th. Be safe and have fun! Julie

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Count your blessings and enjoy your family. Those are my wishes for each and every one of you this Thanksgiving. I for one feel blessed many times over and have been enjoying my music as I prepare for the gathering on Thursday. I also want to thank Diane for all the time and creativity in planning our Reindl Christmas. I am loving the fantasy gift idea and have been filling my relaxing moments being creative in my thinking. Ok so I have less creativity than most but MaryBeth never fear I will have a creative moment before Dec. 19th. So relax and enjoy the holiday season and start off with the warmest memories of family gathering around the bountiful table and thanking God for our love of family and friends. Blessings to all and may you find Peace and Creativity.

May this food restore our strength, giving new energy to tired limbs, new thoughts to weary minds. May this drink restore our souls, giving new vision to dry spirits, new warmth to cold hearts. And once refreshed, may we give new pleasure to You, who gives us all.
Happy Thanksgiving, Kuli

Friday, November 19, 2010

Please pray

I didn't know if everyone was on Aunt Mary's e-mail list, so I thought I'd forward this on.

Time for more prayers!!

From: Deanna Haycraft [] Sent: Tuesday, November 16, 2010 9:20 AMTo: HausnersSubject: hi

Hi Aunt Mary,

How are you guys doing?

I wasn't sure if the news made it your way so I thought I would email. Alexa is having surgery again on Friday. We went back to Mayo last week for another MRI and it showed that the tonsil of the brain was still down pressing on the spinal cord and disrupting the flow of spinal fluid. During this surgery she will have part of the next vertebrae (C2) in her neck removed and they plan on opening the covering of the brain and removing some of the tonsil of the brain. The doctor said the tonsil of the brain doesn't really do anything and according to what I have read that is true. I am nervous about the whole thing, but I guess we don't have much choice. There is more of a chance for complications because the surgeries are so close together so another thing to be nervous about. I/we are just trying to get through the day one foot in front of the other with God leading the way!

Love ya,


Monday, November 15, 2010

33 days

It's countdown time. I wish I could say the clues are all in, but I think I'm still missing some. It's not too late, but pretty soon it will be. If you still want in on the fun, email me today.

I sent an email with two attachments - the updated Reindl spreadsheet and a fantasy gift explanation flyer type thing.

Let me know if you have questions. And start sending me any ideas you have for the menu. Hope you have your grass skirts, Hawaiian shirts and flip flops ready. Turn up the HEAT!!!!

Mele Kalikimaka Ohana!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Ayden William Warner

Well, like any good grandson, Ayden listened to his gramma and waited until I got back from vaction to choose his birthday. He, and God, chose Friday, October 29, 2010 at 6:35 p.m. He weighed 6 lbs 15 oz and measured 19 1/2 in. I have attached a couple photos. Of course, he is adorable and perfect. You know how when you have that first look at your child when they're born and you know you would do anything for him/her? Well, that same feeling comes over you when you see your grandchild for the first time. I was blessed to be there when Ayden was born and will never forget that feeling when I saw him for the first time. It is amazing how full of love you can be in a moment.

We will be doubly blessed in June 2011 when Audrey and Rob have their first child. I am so thankful that God has brought such blessings into our lives and am so looking forward to my role as Gramma or Meema or Mama G-ma - whatever the name, the title is an honor.

Sorry this took me a few days to post. It's been busy - in addition to just getting back from Orlando, then Ayden being born, Noah had a football tourney this weekend! Anyhow, I hope you enjoy the pics.

God Bless,



Friday, October 29, 2010

Day 7 - Thursday, Oct. 28, 2010

Sorry for the delay in our wrap up post. Rita became very busy after our arrival back in WI. Please see Kimberly’s Facebook for the reasons why.

Thursday was simply a travel day for us. We slept as late as we could and finished packing up and checked out of the hotel. Of course, we picked up three more the awesome DoubleTree cookies on our way out. Noah ate mine!

Load up the taxi (damn are they expensive) and headed to airport. Our plane didn’t leave until 3:15 pm, but we really didn’t feel like swimming. I tried to talk Rita and Noah into taking the bus to the airport, but they wanted nothing to do with trying to load 6 suitcases into a public bus then walking about ½ mile after the bus stop. Oh well, it’s only money.

We tried to check our bags, but we were to early! So, Rita and Noah walked around for while and of course they found some stores to buy stuff! Someday I will learn.

Once we were able to check our bags we took the long wait through security and the even longer wait for our plane. But Southwest had some very comfy chairs to sit in so it really wasn’t that bad. The airplane was full of kids and two mothers who don’t know how to deal with their children. Poor Rita wasn’t able to sleep, mainly due to the noise and the kid kicking the back of her chair. I simply turned up my music, leaned forward and put my head on the chair in front of me and slept for a while.

Those Southwest people are very funny and seem to thoroughly enjoy their jobs. Like they said, we have many options to fly and they are happy we couldn’t afford anyone else but Southwest.

The only real hiccup we had was dealing with the Clarion Hotel to get the car. The rate we paid the week before was suppose to cover parking for up to 14 days but they refused to accept that and still charged me $30 to get my car back. Late Friday night I called on obtained the manager’s email address and emailed him. If I don’t hear from him by Monday I will call to get my $30 refunded.

We pulled into our driveway around 7:15 pm and Rita was gone 10 minutes later and hasn’t been home since. I am starting to think she really doesn’t want to be home. Thanks for reading my many posts – hopefully our next trip will be longer so we have even more posts. Please note, Rita has the camera at the hospital, so you will have to go to Facebook to see photos.

Now for my challenge. The next trip you take please provide daily posts of your trip if possible – I really enjoyed writing these and it helps us remember what we did everyday.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Day 6 - Wednesday, Oct. 27, 2010

With a little (no a lot of) saddnes I must report this is our last blog from sunny Florida. Wednesday is here and it is our last full day in Orlando. I went to part of one class today – I read the time wrong and had to leave early, my class was “Developing a Line-of-Duty Death PIO Protocol”.

Today we went to Sea World. We took a shuttle from the hotel to Sea World and arrived there 10 minutes or less later. Sea World is a blast. Noah loved the Journey to Atlantis ride. First time was no wait, second time we rode it later in the afternoon the sign said we had a 30 minute wait; 10 minutes later we were boarded and ready to go. Noah and Rita were in the front row and got soaked. Ha Ha, they were wet for the rest of the day!

Rita and I went on the roller coaster Kraken and had a great time. We also rode the new coaster Manta twice. Neither time had a wait, hopped right on the ride. That is SO much fun! We also watched the Sea Lion & Otter Stadium show, Dolphin show and Shamu. Shamu was a little disappointing; they don’t have the trainers swimming with the whales anymore. The show was still a lot of fun, but…..

We also ate at the Sharks Underwater Grill. This is the high-end restaurant at Sea World. Last time we were here (6 years ago I think) I really wanted to go but it wasn’t in our budget. This time around I planned it out! The food was just great and the service was outstanding!

We walked out at 6:00 pm or so and saw an I-Ride heading our way. On we went, it got packed at the next stop and we were off the bus 10 minutes later and back in the room ordering some food from Flippers. None of us wanted to anyplace, didn’t want to eat at the hotel restaurant because the service sucked so bad.

Noah and I went for our last night swim in the pool and Rita hit they bed and fell asleep very quickly I assume. Noah and I were back in the room about 10:10 pm and I plan on being asleep by 11:00 pm tonight. And for those of you asking, "Yes"; Noah did his homework. Now for a couple of photos....Sorry, we have everything packed up and Rita is sleeping and darned if I am gonig to wake her up to try and find the camera - sorry gang. But, check our Facebook pages for photos late this weekend. I will try to send out a wrap up blog Thursday evening - if our house is still standing.


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Day 5 - Tuesday, Oct. 26, 2010

After a long day on Monday today was a partial relaxing day. Today I only attended one class, "Career Killers for Police Chiefs: Avoiding Costly Mistakes".

I had most of the late morning, afternoon, evening with my wonderful family - Rita and Noah (of course you know the girls and their respective men were unable to join us). Rita and I had a late breakfast. We then hopped on the I-Ride (with Noah) and went to the conference center and walked around a bit. We had to stop at the Lexis-Nexis booth to pick up our invites to their vendor party later in the evening. I also wanted them to see an illusionist at this booth. Noah went up with him on his "stage" and was somewhat amazed. He used my ring and put it in a small purse and hooked it onto a clip in someones pocket among many other things that were very cool to watch.

We then went back to the I-Ride and went up the street about 1/2 mile to Air Orlando or something like that for Rita and Noah to take their helicopter ride. They had a blast! See a photo or two below. Back to the I-Ride and to the hotel. We all went swimming for a while. Then Noah and I played mini-golf and foosball then went swimming again and Rita took a well deserved nap. We found a pizza place that delivers and ordered pizza and wings for dinner. Then Rita and I headed out for our "date night". Noah was suppose to do some homework, but he said he fell asleep then forgot to do his homework. Guess what he is doing tomorrow when we get home from Sea World?

Around 5:45 pm Rita and I left to catch the I-Ride to stop 22 and go to Tommy Bahama's for our Lexis-Nexis vendor party. It started at 4 pm and ended at 7 pm - glad we showed up late. We still got cool light up glasses, drank free beer and booze (they made the best Mojito) and a killer Captain and diet, and when we left, we got a free schwag bag. All the free booze and food you could drink and eat. It was wall-to-wall people. There we talked with a few chiefs and people from WI, met the Sacramento, CA, Galena, IL and Fremont, IL chiefs. Had a good time talking about the Packers with all of them and Brett Favre - they are all interesting.

We moved on to our second vendor party sponsored by Harris, they were about 100 yards from the first place. We only had one drink here (the Captain and diet was really weak). There were hardly any people over there, but we did get a free t-shirt. We walked around the shops in the area looking at some very cute dresses. Then walked about three or four blocks to the third and final vendor party of the evening.

I2Cop sponsored this one in the Peabody hotel. Very fancy, elegant (and huge) hotel. Once we arrived at the location we registered, ordered our drinks and sat down. Stayed until after 8:00 pm and watched someone else win the IPad they were giving away. We left shortly after that.

Now we walked about 5 blocks to a Walgreens to pick up some stuff. One more block to the I-Ride stop. The folks waiting there said they had been waiting for about 15 minutes so we decided to give it 10 minutes or so. We struck up a conversation with a young couple from England for 10 minutes or so. They are driving to Fort Lauderdale on Friday for a 7-day cruise. He is a little scared about driving on the right side of the road! While we were talking to them a family (Grandma, mom and child) were there as well. The little boy, 7 years old or so, came over to us and said he was from Germany. We excitedly told him he was the first person we met from Germany this week and let them know we were proud Cheese Heads. Very cute.

Well, the green line I-Ride bus came and said the Red line (the one we wanted) was only 5-10 minutes behind. We waited. The couple from England thanked us saying they would have gotten on the bus and would have had to walk from Sea World to the hotel - which they said wasn't a bad walk. The bus came and we finally got on the bus. Well, we started talking with the couple from England, who happened to be staying at our hotel and completely missed our bus stop. The young England girl said something and I quickly told the driver we forgot to pull the cord for the stop and asked him to stop. He did - Thank you Lord! It was really very funny.

Once back, Noah was pretending to be asleep. Then we went to the pool (the one by the hot tub) and it was like 100 degrees. We swam for a while and went to the hot tub which was like 108 degrees. Too hot to get in, but we soaked our feet with a bunch of other chief's from WI, NJ and OH. We talked for a while, went swimming for a while again then came back to the room so I could blog and get some sleep.

Well, that was the day for Team Gregory on Day 5 of our Orlando, FL trip. If you have been reading from the beginning you should get a prize, but you won't. Sorry, I wrote too much and Rita turned off the light and is near sleep, so there is no editing again this evening. Here are a couple of photos for you to enjoy.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Day 4 - Monday, Oct. 25, 2010

WOW, what a day. As we were just walking back to our room at 11:30 pm, I asked what Noah had for breakfast forgetting that he and I had a breakfast sandwich - thinking that was yesterday.

My day started at 7:00 am with my first class at 8:00 am. Today I attended; "Strategic Planning - Successful Implementation for the Smaller Agency", "What's Twitter? Do You Need Facebook? What Police Agencies Are Doing Using Social Media", and "Background Investigations: A Key Part of Hiring But Are We Doing Them Legally?"
Noah and Rita hooked up with Jeff, Marcy and Rachel and spent some time at Magic Kingdom today. I was not there, because I had to work and Rita is almost asleep already, so hopefully she can fill you in on their day today our last "wrap up" post after we get home. If Jeff or Marcy checks out the blog, maybe they can add to it too.
They arrived back at the hotel at about 6:40 pm, we then stood in line for our buses to take us to Universal. Our hotel had 10 coach style buses - the conference has 11 hotels. We arrived at Universal at about 7:15 pm. It was very cool, the buses dropped us off in the back so we got in the park right away. Some, but not all of the restaurants were open with a limited menu (all the food you can eat at no charge). They had beer and wine stations set up all over the place, all the beer, wine, bottled water and soda you can drink at no charge. Not all the rides/shows were open, but I don't think we would have had time to get to everything in 4 hours anyway. They really treated us (and about 15,000 other people) right.
Our bus left at 11:07 pm and we were back here at 11:30. And now, we are back to the beginning of my blog. Writers call that something, but I don't know what it is. I will be asleep 5 minutes after I hit "Publish Post". Sorry for any errors, this post had to go out without my editor's review.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Day 3 - Sunday, Oct. 24, 2010

I am continuing my Superstar status for Day 3. Wow, it is so late and I did so much, I hope I can share all that occurred today. My day started at 8 am, really 1 hour earlier, but my first class was at 8:00. I attended; "Murder in a Small Community: Multi-Agency Case Collaboration", "How to Train Officers That Police Chiefs Desire and Citizens Deserve", and "Shift Scheduling: Does Shift Length Matter?". Sure it may not sound like much, but each is about 2 hours in length.

I also spent time in the vendor area. This isn't a small vendor area (see one of the photos below). Rita and Noah both joined me because they both LOVE the SCHWAG (vendor give away crap). I had a blast and I think Rita and Noah did too.

We ate lunch in the vendor area - it was 5 star prices with 2 star quality. I had my last class at 3:30 pm that went until 4:45 or so. I was back to the room a little after 5:00 pm; the conference offers great shuttle service - not like the I-Ride Trolley which really sucks - but that may be a story for the last blog.

We were going to go to a steak place, but the Trolley sucks, as previously stated, so we ended up going to an Italian place close to the hotel. At first it was good - the service was great - but the food fought back later in the evening. We ended up throwing Noah's leftovers away, too scared to eat them.

By the time we arrived back we went to a Packer/Viking party sponsored by 3M and later by and UMA (can't remember what they are, but the vendor's name was Dave and I see him at every conference I attend). I say later, because 3M paid for the beer, food and room. The beer and food were gone by the end of the first quarter and and UMA stepped up and bought another half barrel.

Well, we spent the first half at the conference drinking some free tap beer!

We left at half time to enjoy some time in the hot tub and each other's company. As we were walking there we saw that there was only one person in the hot tub (Yippeeeee!). But, there were 8 people sitting around the hot tub talking. Weird. Three of them were from the UK that we met on Day 2, the others were family. Except for 3, that they befriended today that were from the UK. This place is full of them!! We thoroughly enjoyed talking with them and learning what they thought of their police, the US police and their thoughts on US politics. I let them buy me a beer, because Rita was taking so long to drink hers.

Back in the room watching the last of the game - crap what a good game. Hope we win. (Note: We Won!!) Anyway, thank you Julie and Dawn - at least I know someone is reading my posts! Here are a couple of photos from today.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Day 2 - Saturday, Oct. 23, 2010

Wow, day 2 and I am blogging again - I am a Superstar! I only had a part-time day today. I oriented myself with the conference area (it is huge) and had one class (Tired Cops: Strategies for Promoting Officer Safety by Managing Fatigue and Work Hours). Sounds exciting doesn't it? I won't bore you with more than that.

Rita speaking now - While Scott was doing that, Noah and I had breakfast at this place where the waiter sounded just like Donald Duck. Then we came back to play chess outside with huge chess pieces. OK. Now back to Scott.....

We had our confernce shuttle running today, so getting there and back wasn't an issue. At about noon we hopped in our rental car to head out of Orlando (isn't that what everyone does when they come here on holiday?) We were going to head to Ponce Inlet to a Mantatee cruise. But, last night we called to confirm because we didn't get our email tickets and they told us their boat is down for emergency service and closed until Tuesday. So, we headed to Tampa in hopes of seeing Lexi, but that didn't work either. :-( We did go to the Tampa Zoo, which was totally awsome (see a couple of the photos attached that Rita took. We bought a card reader just for you Dawn!

After a few hours at the zoo, Noah was feeling worse - he was getting a little ill on the way there. We decided to head home and stopped at the Flying J on I-4. They tried to overcharge me, but I did't let them. The bast(*%^s. Once we arrived back in Orlando we went to the Prime Outlet Mall at the north end of International Drive to see whats what up there. This is a very touristy area - like WI Dells. At the mall Noah bought a watch and almost bought a t-shirt, but took a photo of it instead and saved $12. Rita bought a spring coat because she was cold (it was 75 degrees).

We tried to find a grocery store, and found one, but it was tiny so we kept going and decided to stop at one about 1/2 mile from our hotel. So, we headed south on International Drive. Of course, the first block had a souvenir store (one of many on I-Drive). We bought a few souvenirs and Noah bought a t-shirt and I bought the card reader. Funny story here; I asked the guy if they had one and he told me it was $14.99. The sticker was $49.99. I told him $15 was more than what I wanted to spend, so he said how 'bout $10 - so I said "Ok".

The road was very, very busy for about 15 blocks then opened up, but we all thoroughly enjoyed the sights and sounds of Orlando. At one point we had a very hot Ford Mustang in front of us. They kept revving their engine, and I finally put our 4 cylinder PT Cruiser in neutral and revved my engine a little bit. I was very cool there for a second - NOT.

We found our grocery store, picked up a few items for breakfast and to snack on. The store was attached to a bar/restaurant and we ordered some food to go. So, it took longer and Rita found a pair of shoes to buy (again, is anyone surprised?) Still waiting for the food so we had a drink (2 for 1 special going up you know). Put $10 more of gas in the car, pick up a 6 pack of Stella and back to the room.

Time to relax, blog and get Noah in bed. Rita and I might hit the hot tub quick and take a long earned sleep. Again, thanks for reading and letting me share our adventures. Now, for a few of Rita's photos....

Friday, October 22, 2010

Day 1 - Friday, Oct. 22

Here we are sitting in our hotel room at the Double Tree Resort (10100 International Drive) in Orlando. We left our Milwaukee hotel around 7:00 am and left Milwaukee via Southwest Airlines at 9:10 am. We arrived at MCO (Rita's old airline days coming out in me here) around 12:30. Funny thing on the plane during our safety briefing. The flight attendant made this statement while explaining how the oxygen masks work, "And for those people who are traveling with small children and those with disabilities - were sorry." Made us laugh. Later on, the pilot told us, "Right now we are a heck of a long ways from Orlando and our estimated arrival time is sometime later this morning."

It was a good trip. Our taxi from the airport to the hotel had something to be desired. It was a van (good thing, because you know how Rita can pack). The driver had so much garbage in his little area I saw ants all over the center counsel. His tip decreased at that point.

Hotel is huge, three seperate pool areas. After a quick unpack, we had lunch at the restaurant at the hotel. Good food; Rita had a salmon salad, Noah had ribs, and I had a cheeseburger. But the service was horrible. Of course the restaurant automatically adds a 15% tip, so why should he work hard to get a tip.

Then we walked to the conference center to get registered - much longer walk than what we thought. Bought our 7 day I-ride bus pass and came back to the room for a little relaxation and naps. It was pool time and hot tubbing time, talked with a family from England who is on holiday here for 2 weeks. Change clothes and head to dinner. Hop on the I-ride and eat dinner at Fat Fish Blue - very good and interesting place to eat. Great waiter - totally made up for the undesirable service at lunch. We even got mardi gras beads :)

Now we are back at the room, ironed my clothes for the morning (thank you honey). Have a drink or two (we are on vacation) and get ready for everything tomorrow has to offer. Thanks for reading this far on our first day.


Thursday, October 21, 2010

And we're off (soon)

Hey family,
My IACP (International Association of Chiefs of Police) annual conference starts on Saturday. This will be the second one I attend and the first one Rita and Noah are coming to with me. We are heading to Milwaukee this evening then flying to Orlando on Friday morning. I will try to share our daily activities here as we go. We will see how I do. I won't bore you too much with what I am doing (4 hours Saturday and Wednesday, 8 hours Sunday, Monday, Tuesday in a classroom); but what Rita and Noah did during the day. Pray for hot and dry weather in the greater Orlando area.


Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I have been trying to post Preston's arrival for a month now, but something happened and I couldn't post anything. Thank you Aunt Julie for fixing it!


BORN: September 7th, 2010
TIME: 4:28PM
PLACE: OSF Saint Anthony's Medical Center Rockford, IL
WEIGHT: 8 lbs 10 1/2 oz.
LENGTH: 19 1/2 in.

The delivery was quick and easy....5 minutes of pushing and he was out! He had so much hair! Dylan absolutely loves being a big brother and wants to help with everything. It's amazing watching the boys interact.

Dylan will be 3 years old December 4th and I cannot wait! He has started discovery preschool and will transfer to Preschool when he turns 3! He is so intelligent and surprises me everyday.


WEIGHT: 10 lbs 5 oz.
LENGTH: 22 in.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Autumn 2010 with the Seib Tribe

So, I know that most of you won't have a chance to visit with Bridget, Jason, and the kids while they are here in WI, but I thought I'd share a few "special" moments that happened because they're here.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Peace at Last

I wanted to let you all know that Aunt Noreen is finally at peace. She passed away today. Luckily, Mom, Marge and Vron got to visit her yesterday. They had gotten a call that Noreen wasn't doing well and had not had anything to eat or drink for 6 days.

On Sunday night, Uncle George told Noreen he was going to go home and get some clothes so he could spend the night with her. He told her to squeeze his hand if she understood, and she did. That was the one of the very few times she responded to anyone in a long time.

No details on visitation or funeral yet, but I will pass those on as I get them. Please say a prayer for the family, and also thank God for welcoming Noreen home and giving her peace.

Love you all,

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Wedding Pictures!!

Alright everyone for those of you that would like to look at the wedding pictures here is the link...

Hope you like them!
Here is a preview

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Good News :)

Just wanted to drop a note and let you know we got some good news for Bill yesterday. They do a blood test that they call CEA or tumor markers. The lower the number the better. When we first went to CTCA in July the number was 16. When they tested it in mid-August after the first chemo it was up to 25. When they checked it yesterday it was down to 9 This is an indication that the chemo is working!!! Praise God!!! They’ll do the test again in mid-Oct and then do scans at the end of October. I’m sure it will show great things. We feel so blessed. Keep up the prayers.
Love you all,

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Hi all! Just talked to Bill and he told me Preston was born this afternoon. I know he was 8#s something, but cannot remember all the specifics. Mom and baby are doing fine. I will let Cassie post all the real details later. ENJOY THE COOL WEATHER!

Saturday, September 4, 2010


Just wanted to thanks everyone for coming to our wedding! Family support means a lot even if we can't sit and visit with everyone. Hope everyone had a great time. We had an amazing time in Aruba on our honeymoon. We LOVE traveling! Here are some pictures for ya. The professional ones with the 8 kids and Grandma and Grandpa should be done in two weeks and she will have them on a website where you can go and purchase whatever ones you want. I think she got some good ones of Ashlynn dancing too. On another note my mama is right I do need those RSVP's for Kim's baby shower so I can start getting stuff together. You can see her post below to know where to RSVP. Thanks! May the Lord Bless your day!

Friday, September 3, 2010


Just checking to make sure everyone has RSVPd for Kimberly's baby shower on Sept 18th. If you have not received your invite, please let me know. Otherwise, please RSVP ASAP either here or to Audrey @ or 310-743-4886 or on fb.

Now - have a GREAT holiday weekend!


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

After The Wedding

What a great weekend! Thanks to Audrey and her planning committee for the great family wedding on Friday. We all had a great time and it was extra wonderful that all the brothers and sisters were able to be there for the awesome event 5 years after our last big gathering at the Dells. If you have any pictures to share we would love to see some here on the blog. Now for a few post wedding pictures. I had the kids on Monday and for anyone who asked if Ashlynn ever quits talking here is a picture of her quiet watching "Word World". Yep you guessed it she is learning more words so she can keep talking. Now for Liam he is wrestling his play table that he turned upside down. Can you hear his growls that go with the little cub attacking his prey (a table). Enjoy your week! Julie

Saturday, July 31, 2010

More Pinchable Cheeks!

First Picture is at Brenda and Brian's. Don't you just want to eat those little cheeks of Liam's? He is such a solid and happy little guy. I just wanted to share a few of our sweet cheeky moments. The picture with the blocks on Ashlynn's hair is like my kids when they were little (Yes I saved the blocks just for a moment like this). No Ashlynn doesn't need glasses but she wanted to "try on Grandmas' necklace". She loves the necklace (eyeglass chain) Aunt Dawn made. She always says OHHH Pretty when she sees beaded jewelery. Have a cool week!
Oh and one more thing. I tried a new add on to my brownies today. I added BLUEBERRIES!
If i must say so myself it tasted awesome, just ask Dawn. ;o).

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Hey everyone...sorry that I have been incognito these last few months. It has been a long few months of many unhappy times. The positives have peeked their faces in there as well. Jayson and I are still going strong after celebrating our 1 year on July 4th.

As I am sure my dad has told some of you, I am due to have a second angel enter my life on September 10th, 2010. Being this little one decided to be shy in the gender ultrasound, another one is scheduled for August 6th. If it's a boy, we will be naming him Preston Edward Gaul. If it's a girl, we will be naming her Kylee Chevelle Gaul.

Dylan and this new addition to my life have been my glue and without them, I probably would have lost it. Dylan is soo big now, weighing in at 34lbs 10 ounces and being 36 1/2 inches tall! He is talking full sentences and watching him grow up has been a joy! He is starting a day care school next week and it is so hard for me because of how independent he is being.

As of June, I am in my last year of online college, at which time I will have my Associates in Health Administration. I have been focusing my degree more towards the medical records side. I wasn't sure if anybody was interested, but my baby shower is scheduled for:

Sunday August 22nd, 2010 at 1pm
144 W. Second Street
Leaf River, IL 61047

I would love to share the experience with you. If anybody wants to attend just RSVP by August 10th. My email is still the same. and my phone number is 815-543-0082.

If you would like to send a card or anything, they can be sent to

117 N. Main Street
P.O. Box 95
Leaf River, IL 61047

We are registered at or

You can find the registry under Casandra Mahlum or Jayson Gaul

I miss everyone so much and cannot wait to see everyone at Audrey's wedding and the Christmas party! Well, I am at work right now, so I better get back to earning my money :)


Thursday, July 8, 2010

Overwhelmed with gratitude and It was a great day!

It's almost 11:00 and I'm going to bed soon. We've been up since 4 am and it was a kind of long day. But before I turn in I wanted to say thank you to everyone for their prayers, thoughts, love and support. It is overwhelming when I read the posts, my emails and talk to people. Their are so many people saying prayers and I know God hears them all. He gave us a great outcome today. The surgery went well. It took about 2 hours and then 1 hour of recovery before we could see Bill. When we got to his room, he was already feeling pretty good. He talked to Dad, Rita and I without even napping. I picked up Lexi and brought her back down. Then in the evening, Mike and Pam came up and Bill stayed up and talked to them until about 9 o'clock. While they were there, he ate tomato soup, bread and lime sherbert without any problems. He also was quite a smart alec all day. That's how I really know he's feeling better :). After Mike & Pam left, he went for a walk down the hall. Then the nurse came and stopped the IV. She said he is the best post op patient ever. I can't tell you how great it feels to see him feeling better. It's really quite overwhelming, in a good way! Lexi and I left around 9:45 so he can get some sleep. I know all of us will be sleeping with a smile on our faces tonight! We so appreciate all of the prayers. They mean so much to us. Please keep it up as we continue on this journey. Next Wednesday we are going down to the Cancer Treatment Centers of America in Zion, IL. We will meet with their doctors as well as their nutritionist and naturopathic doctor. I'm sure the treatment will involve some aggressive chemo but they will also work with us on helping the body heal itself. We are optomistic that with medicine, nutrition, positive attitude and, most of all, prayer we can beat this. Thank you all again and God Bless each and every one of you. We love you! Good night.

From the Tennie Newsroom

Bill had surgery today for a colostomy. The surgery to remove the cancerous tissue will be done at later date after the next round of chemo. The colostomy will relieve the discomfort he has been experiencing, which has been quite intense and somewhat debilitating at times. The surgery was successful, and Bill is looking better already. He will be in the hospital for a couple more days, and then he gets to go home. Thank you all for your continued prayers, they are working. The support has been so amazing, and in and of itself is great medicine for the mind, body and soul.

But . . .don’t stop because you’re job’s not over yet. Now he will start the next course of treatment, which will include chemotherapy. After their visit to Cancer Treatment Centers of America next week, I am confident they will have a complete and thorough treatment plan. We’ll keep you posted. Thank you all again. We are blessed, so very blessed, to have such wonderful family, friends, and some complete strangers standing by and being so supportive.

God Bless,

P.S. Don't forget to RSVP :)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Two Things - at least

First - Bill is having surgery tomorrow, so please say an extra prayer.

Second - Amy - I love your garden! Thanks for sharing. Who made the raised beds, because they look great.

Third (I knew there was something else) If you haven't RSVP'd for Audrey's and Rob's wedding yet, please do so. Also, if you haven't booked your room yet, don't forget. They hold that rate and the block until July 20.

Let me know if you have questions about anything wedding related. Don't ask me questions about gardening, because I'm best at growing weeds.

Love you All,

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

How does your garden grow?

This year I planted a vegetable garden again. It was quite the ordeal to get the raised bed built and then torn down, and built again in a different location. But none the less, I have a vegetable garden, and every day it amazes me how much it has grown. In just one month, my garden has
gone from this:

To This:

I have Lettuce, Spinach, Dill, Chives, Onions, Carrots, Eggplant, Hot Pepper plant, Cucumber Plant, Cherry, Yellow, and Beefsteak Tomatoes.

You can barely see the pepper plant as it is hidden between the massive eggplant and the crazy crawling cucumbers. But none the less, they are all growing very well. Off to the side I also have a Zucchini Squash plant.

The zuchini is already growing on the plant:
I had to post some pictures since I am having so much fun with my garden. I also finally got a new digital camera. Considering my old one was at least 10 years old, I think I was due for a new one. Isn't it funny, how me, miss IT, is so slow to upgrade to new technology. I still have the computer I bought in 2000. However I have since then purchased a laptop and I use that most of the time. But it is already 3 years old, so I should probably be replacing that soon too. It's still working great, so I don't have any plans for that yet.

Anyways, who else has a vegetable garden, and what do you have growing?