Saturday, December 25, 2010

... and A Happy New Year!

Aloha Ohana and Mele Kalikimaka

I just want to say a simple prayer for all of you today. And that prayer is that you stop and appreciate all the wonders of our family. When I decided on the fantasy gift idea I had no idea what to expect. Noah surprised me with his idea early in the game and I realized I really that I really should not even have expectations, but just let the surprises show up – and they did! I was moved – and continue to be moved – by the gifts that were presented. Mine is proudly displayed on my bulletin board above my computer and I love sharing it with anyone who will listen. (Thanks Joey!)

And thanks to everyone who shared their fantasy gift. (And may I suggest that if you weren’t there to share yours that you share it with whoever you had. I think those people would still appreciate the gift even now.) I’m thinking about putting something together where everyone’s gifts are shared, but I’ll get back to you on that. (I think I still have a crossword puzzle to create )

What I really realized is that I have everything I need to become all that God intends for me. And so do you! There was so much talent and so many gifts present in that room that there is nothing we can’t do if we set our minds to it. And the truly amazing part of that is not just the gifts and talents but the love that permeates it all.

My gift to Katie was possibility – and, Katie I hope you don’t mind – I’d like to share that with everybody. What would be possible, if we shared and connected and reached out over the miles and days over the next year? No amount of sharing is too small. Every word of encouragement adds to the bounty and all of it will glorify Jesus our Lord and Savior whose birth we celebrate this day!

With God all things are possible and blessed as we are, my prayer is to continue to share with each other and call on each other for support and encouragement and to share it with each other when prompted to do so. How many times do you think about calling someone and decide to wait until you’re a little less busy? Or start an email but decide you really don’t have anything truly worthwhile or puposeful to share so you put it off? Well, cut it out!

I want to see connections like never before and I want to see a surge in sharing. Doesn’t that sound wonderful?

Be blessed and again - Mele Kalikimaka (and a Happy New Year).

‘Til I share again.

2 endearing comments:

JenniLynn said...

Oh my gosh - well said! I do start and stop phone calls and e-mails and blog posts because I decide I don't have enough time to get my message across or that whatever it is I was gonna say really isn't that interesting or important. But, if it were someone else - I would want to know what they were thinking, doing, feeling, planning or whatevering (Hey! I created my own word like Lexi does:)).

So, I'm with Diane - let's all share, support and strive to lift each other up in this coming year. Let's do it because we love each other but more importantly because we love our Lord and wish to glorify Him in all we do.

Mele Kalikimaka and have a Blessed New Year!!!!

Designs by Dawn Marie said...

Very well stated! Aunt Diane, I was excited about the fantasy gifts right away. You can ask my mom - she thought I was abnormal. BUT I dream a lot... big dreams. So delivering a gift out of those dreams was right up my alley!

I want to share with everybody. The fantasy gift I wish I could give you all is the laughter from the kids our family was blessed with on Christmas Day. We had sooooo many giggles - especially with a Sterlite 30 gallon storage tub and a bucket of colorful balls (thanks Amy!) They giggled, had deep belly laughs and wanted us all to join them in the ball tub.

Well... that tied with Dad opening his "My First Craftsman Circular Saw for ages 2 & up" from Greg... yes, you can all giggle over that!

I haven't downloaded the photos yet, but that pure joy, love and laughter we were able to share was the perfect blessing on a wonderful holiday.

Much love to all and here's to a healthy, happy 2011 full of even more LOVE!!

Spread peace & love!~