Sunday, December 28, 2008


Photo Albums

Well it is Sunday evening and the rush is past, is that a collective sigh of relaxation I hear? I hope you all had a great Christmas Season and a huge helping of warm memories to add to your Christmas memory album. I know personally I had many new memories to add and each one as special as the next. I made photo albums for each of the kids from the day they were born to the present. Now they have somewhere to put the pictures of their life in the future. Just a couple of pictures that made our Christmas day a new memory. I look forward to a few more Christmas stories to be posted to help us get through the long January we are soon approaching and the cold snow that it usually brings. Have a Blessed and Healthy New Year. Julie

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Merry Christmas!

So on this frigid, bone-chilling Sunday, I sit at my computer wondering what to do... my creativity jumps through the screen and says "Bring Christmas Cheer!"

Away to the blog my mouse did dash... to add some new colors, a rather festive splash!

There's also a fun poll (not pole as in North Pole) although I bet Santa isn't even as cold as we are here in WI today! :)

Everybody did so well supporting Uncle Vince... I think you've got this one in the bag Uncle Vinny! So I thought it would be fun to have another poll ------------->

Take a look to your right! Let your opinions be heard... or rather your appetite... just don't tell the Christmas Bird!!

Much love to all! I hope you have a blessed, safe Christmas with your families!


* * * * *

Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Next American Idol!

Merry Christmas Everybody!

We're just two weeks away from Christmas and I hope you are all enjoying the holiday season!

This just in .... Uncle Vince needs your vote!
Yes, he's shooting to be the next Omni Press Idol! Here's how you can help...

First, go to his company blog:

Watch his Youtube video (the last video in the right column)... Then vote

The next season of American Idol starts in January... The Omni Press Idol is a mere stepping stone to bigger and more amazing accomplishments!

Good Luck Uncle Vince!
Love to all!
Dawn - The Funny Little Christmas Elf :)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Here is the newest addition to our family. His

name is Loki, and we adopted him last Friday. He is about 2 1/2 years old, and he is a pomeranian/sheltie mix. His previous owner was not able to spend enough time with him due to the long hours she works. He has become Noah's little shadow, following him everywhere and even sleeping in his bed. Noah is thrilled and cannot wait to teach him all sorts of tricks. He is a big ball of fur, and I think he and Noah will be best friends.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Christmas Dinner Menu

Hey Everybody! I am so excited to see how many people have responded to Aunt Mae's e-mail with what delicious dinner & dessert items they are offering to bring.
I also love how people are using "Reply All" to keep everybody else in the loop. When I tried reply all earlier, I got 3 e-mails returned to me with wrong e-mail addresses. So I was concerned that some people wouldn't be in the same loop... and I know we are all a little loopy at times! :)
So I thought it would really be helpful to post the current menu as it stands at 4:57 pm on Wednesday, 12/3... and whether people reply all or post here, I'll commit to keeping this up to date as long as you all continue to hit "reply all!"
Deal... or No Deal?

Potatoes, mashed.......(need more than last year)......... Carissa
Potatoes, cheesy...........(need more than last year)........Vince
Green Bean Casserole...................................Anna
Corn..................................................................... Brenda
Candied Yams..................................................... Vince
Cranberry Jello Salad----------------------Dawn
Relish Tray & Dip..................................... Amber & Matthew
Dessert (specify)............................... ???
Pies - Pumpkin, Apple & Mudslide Pie .......... Cassie & Jesse
Brownies-------------Monica – (not really a Christmas dessert, but they’re always good J )
Fruit Salad ------------------ Julie

Appetizers -
Taco Dip..............................................................Rita
Little Wieners/Little Smokies (politically correctly speaking).....Katie Griepentrog
Bacon Wrapped Water Chestnuts.............. Katie Griepentrog
Biscotti or Cookies......................................... Amber & Matthew
Fudge_______......................................... Amy & Greg
Black Bean & Corn Salsa (and chips)............. Diane
Ooy, Gooey Homemade Caramels............. Diane

If I don't hear from you by December 13th I'll be assigning you something and sending you a note as to what I assigned you. ~Warm Regards ~Aunt Mae

**And a final winter wonderland thought for all of you. Here's a picture of today's beautiful snowfall on our Christmas lights (just click on it to see a larger view). It's a very pretty evening... just look at those snowflakes. And it's a great excuse for a hot chocolate too! **
Love you! ~Dawn

P.S. Don't you miss this Bridget and Uncle Jeff???? (just a little?)


Good Snowy morning to all! Hope you all received the Christmas email from Mae. For those who have not received the email and need to be added to the list I thought I would post a link to Mae to get added to the list. Hope you are all enjoying your Christmas traditions and fun of anticipation of the Season. May you all sing a song and feel uplifted as you shovel snow or watch someone shovel snow. For those in no snow zone you can pretend that it is snowing by turning your TV to a channel with no signal. Without further ado here is the link to be connected.
Mae Seib:

Sunday, November 30, 2008


I was wondering if I could get everyone to give me their emails, as I would love to be able to keep in contact one by one.....I have no idea who Dylan has for the secret santa for the kids this year and I would love to be able email ideas for what Dylan needs and possible toy ideas. My new email is or I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

We gathered at Dawn and Chris's today for a wonderful meal and some great laughs. We also celebrated Brenda and Brian's Birthday's. I thought I would share a couple of pictures. Well as in years past I forgot something. This is getting to be a bad holiday habit of mine. This year we had everything running smoothly and we were ready to eat on time. We sat down to a scrumptious dinner of turkey and ribs. When we were all stuffed and cleaning up the meal I walked by my insulated bag on the phone counter and realized I forgot to get the stuffing out. So no stuffing this year and if you go back to 07 you will see what I forgot last year. Oh well Ed will eat is this week with the leftovers. We also had the most cooperative baby as Ashlynn decided to take a nap while we ate. Well that is about it as Greg and Ed are hard at work mapping out their route for tomorrow so they get the most shopping done before Greg has to be to work at 8:30. Hope you all had a great day and enjoyed the time with your loved ones. Love, Julie

Monday, November 24, 2008

Drinkin' Coffee in a Winter Wonderland!

Good Morning All!

Sooooo.... who woke up to a winter wonderland this morning? We did - as did most of Wisconsin according to the news! We only got about 1", so not even necessary to shovel. But the trees were flocked so beautifully! It's as if God painted a beautiful picture for us!

As I'm putting my final grocery list together for our Thanksgiving feast, I wanted to take a moment to wish everybody a very Merry Thanksgiving... I mean a Happy Thanksgiving... see, I need more coffee! :)

Have a wonderful week... and don't let your dogs steal your turkeys!

Love you!
Dawn & Chris

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Mahlum Update

Hi everyone, I am soo sorry I haven't been able to get on here and update you all on Dylan's progress. HE'S WALKING!!!!!!! He has been walking all over the house and can say BaBa, MaMa, and DaDa. Halloween night was when he first really let me hold his hand while we walked in between a few houses, he got about three before he got tired and wanted me to carry him. My little man was a chocolate cow. :) He is growing so fast and it just warms my heart when I see his eyes light up. He will be going to daycare for the first time in January, only for about 4 hours a day, but I figured he needed some more children interaction. He will also be going because I am going back to an actual campus college, Rock Valley College full-time. I am so excited to bring Dylan up to see everyone for Christmas. Well we love you all and cannot wait for christmas.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I thought a little smile would brighten your day. Booties by Grandma Reindl have springs to make her jump higher. Have a great day. Julie

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Happenings with the Merfeld's

Well here i am on a crappy November Saturday just finishing up with work and then heading to a wedding reception tonight. Jesse and I are doing well, Jesse had been putting in long hours trying to get as many corn stalks baled before the snow comes, work has been busy for me even with the slow in the economy Silver Leaf has had a great year. we are now over half way through this pregnancy almost 22 weeks to be exact and things have been so much better, the first 15 weeks were spent being sick and now i am able to enjoy it more and it becomes more real everytime i get a jab in the stomach every now and again. We had our 20 week ultra sound and the Dr said that everything looked great, however the little stinker kept its legs closed so we are in the dark as to the sex of baby Merfeld. I have been joking with Jesse that this baby has his sleep habits already, it likes to stay up late and sleep in come morning. We have placed a trail camera on our property to track the deer movement and this year the race is on between Jesse and I who it going to get the monster buck we have seen:) I will keep you posted as opening weekend is only 2 weeks away.
Diesel and Shelby are well and I think they will adjust fine to the new baby. Well i hope everyone has a great turkey day, Jesse and I are going to Iowa to see his 95 year old Grandpa and other family for the big day. I can not wait until Christmas to see everyone is seams like forever since i have seen some of you. Take care and God bless:):):)

Bathroom Renovations

Here are some before and after pics of our bathroom remodel. Things you can't see on the pics are....the floor is heated, the shower head comes out of the ceiling, the tub has a whole bunch of little holes around the bottom of the sides for maximum therapy, the back/head rest for the tub is heated, and you can set the jets to go in waves. Also, the toilet seat will not slam down - it just very slowly goes down and shuts quietly. The wires coming out of the wall by the mirror now have sconces. There is a cable outlet for the TV so you can watch TV while you're soaking in the tub. The very last picture of Noah shows what happens if you put too much bubble bath in the water and turn the jets on. You don't need very much at all. The first time I took a bubble bath, the bubbles were so high, you could't see those decorate tiles that are in Noah's picture.

You can call or e-mail if you would like to make an appointment for the Spa de Mi Casa :)

Thursday, November 6, 2008


Hey Everyone!
I hope everyone had a very Happy Halloween. Ashlynn and I were fortunate enough to celebrate Halloween twice this year. The Sunday before Halloween we went to a little visit at Brian's sisters house for a nice cook-out (well cook-in, It was windy). And on Halloween we went to Mom's house to hand out candy with her and Riley and see all the cute little costumes! :) It was very fun and absolutely perfect weather! Ashlynn was dressed as a little kitty cat!

I suppose I should explain why Brian didn't get to be part of our Halloween festivities! :( Brian was on another work trip to China. His 3rd time over there in the past 14 months! He left October 20th and was due to get back on November 6th! However the group of 4 guys that were over there worked really really hard and long days (12-14 hrs...even weekends) so they all could get home early! :) He surprised Ashlynn and I late Tuesday evening! SO nice to have him home!

Ashlynn is getting bigger and bigger. She's currently fighting with those 2 little bottom teeth which want to pop through so bad but they are being so stubborn. She is quite the little talker now! She's reaching for everything...and of course it heads straight toward the mouth! She's sleeping great! She giggles and she rolled over for a first time last Thursday! So exciting! I'll post a few pictures including one where we were playing so hard on the floor she just decided it was time to take a nap. :)

Hope all is well! We are looking forward to Christmas!

Love- the 3 of us in Burlington

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Did you vote? How was your experience? Were the lines long? Did you do something special?
Well I voted absentee, it was my way of catching the whole day on TV, of others and their feelings as they voted in an historic election. I wanted to be a sponge. I am proud to say we can vote and not feel like we will be shot at. We, Americans, have begun a new era where the brick wall is torn down and we can start to get rid of the ignorance and fear of race so we can be a stronger and more healthy country. Tim Russert began me on this journey to the historic day and evening we had Nov. 4, 2008. He explained how this election unlike any other held components of America that has never before been a part of our campaigning for leader of the country. He told us before he died June13th, 2008 that we should try to absorb as much as we could so we can share the history with our babies because this is truly a part of history we will never forget just like 911. Today count your blessings and be proud that we can vote and we can accept all people to make our country all we can be. I know I am proud. Julie

Monday, November 3, 2008

On The Move

That’s right the Griepentrog family is on the move and by the end of this month we will be in our new home. We bought a used modular and are putting it on the Griepentrog family farm which Arnie & I bought from Arnie’s parents earlier this year. Our new house is nothing fancy but it has three bedrooms and lots of space for Oliver to run as well as it will make life easier with us being on the farm so Oliver can spend more time with daddy and we can be there for Arnold & Florence (Arnie’s parents) as they aren’t getting any younger (Arnold will turn 80 on the 30th of December and Florence is 74). I will post pictures when the house arrives and is set up. I hope everyone had a happy Halloween.
We here had fun with our little pumpkin.
We even did a little Trick-or-Treating just too some family and friends houses, but it was fun and Oliver got lots of candy. Remember get out and VOTE tomorrow. It doesn’t matter who you vote for but make sure your voice is heard.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Help me out a little here, please...

Good morning! Am I dreaming or wasn't there a post about Riley at the top of this page?! I am wondering if I am missing something on my computer?! Do I need Amy to come back over to help?!

Love the new picture at the top, but do you think this is the road Riley has disappeared on?

I hope everyone has a fabulously fun Halloween! We will be trick-or-treating as one scary evil looking dude tonight and it looks like the weather is going to cooperate so Joey doesn't look like another kid just bundled up in a big winter coat!! Vince and I also have bowling league AFTER the trick-or-treating has finished and are bowling against two couples we know pretty well so THAT should be a fun way to cap off the evening!

Vince took the day off today and is driving down to Milwaukee to help Nick fix his car. Then, Nick and Meaghan are coming back to Sun Prairie for the weekend. Josh has to work and is actually looking forward to having his place all to himself (since all his roommates are coming back home to party on State Street tonight.)

Things here in Sun Prairie are going along just fine, in case you wanted to know. Joey is busy with fourth grade extra schoolwork, and is bowling on two leagues, taking piano lessons and also in band learning the clarinet. He is loving, loving, LOVING his new baby brother, Koda, and I must say the feelings seem quite mutual!!

Nick and Meaghan both have jobs now as tutors for UW-M and they travel to different places to help kids with their homework. Nick sets up "shop" at a clinic for underprivileged families and he is in one of the waiting rooms and helps kids that are sitting there with their moms or dads while their siblings might be seen by a doctor. He teaches them to read and works about 10-12 hours a week. Meaghan goes to a YMCA and helps out kids with Reading and Math. This was her first week, and her stories about traveling there by bus were QUITE intense. She has now teamed up with another UW-M student, Sarah, and they are going to drive over in Sarah's car from now on. I am going to pay for Sarah's gas I'm so grateful!! Anyway, they work Mondays and Wednesdays from 4-7pm plus they all get paid for travel time too, which is nice.

Josh is still at the pizza place and getting used to their system. We stopped in there last weekend when we were there for some carry-out pizza and it was very, very good. We noticed a plaque that said Mama Mia's placed 3rd in some poll about favorite pizza or Italian in the Milwaukee area. It is such a little hole in the wall, we were quite surprised!! Well, that was until we ATE the pizza...then we understood just fine!!

Well, I am looking forward to everyone's Halloween pictures that they post over the weekend! My little Winnie-the-Pooh has now turned into some scary looking creature with a ghoulish blue face with warts all over it, long scraggly hair and a weapon that could chop down an entire forest in 10 seconds! I'm not sure how much candy one gets with something like that, but if nothing else, he can scare the littler kids out of THEIR candy! :)

Have a frightfully safe night!

xo, ~kelly

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Goodbye Reggie

It is with a heavy heart and tear-filled eyes that we say goodbye to our Reggie White. Reggie first came to us from an animal rescue place because his previous owner had thrown him from a car, abandoned. I have never been able to figure out why anyone would have done that to such a sweet dog. He has been the best damn dog anyone could ask for.

When we first got him, he was gentle and playful with the girls. Audrey used to put her hand in his mouth, and he would never bite down. That is why she knew when Noah was born that he would be safe with Reggie. That dog put up with a lot -- Sometimes he played the part of a horse, or he would be your pillow while you watched TV. He would never growl, bark or bite if someone tugged at his tail or ears. Not only did he welcome newborn Noah and all that toddlerhood brought, but when we adopted 2 kittens, he daddied them like the gentle soul that he was. He would lick them clean, let them lay on him to take naps, and even let them eat his food.

Then when Maggie arrived, all bubbly and ready to play, he took care of her too. He showed her how to run as fast as you possibly could from one end of the house to the other, then turn around and run back. You didn't have to have a reason, sometimes it just felt good to run. He took good care of Maggie too, cleaning her, playing with her, and snuggling with her. She is a little lost without him right now. Yesterday when I tied her up to go potty, she just sat at the door waiting patiently for me to let her in --- it was Reggie's job to bark and let us know they were done "doing their business."

He loved to play catch. I would say fetch, but in his younger years, sometimes he would just catch the frisbee or tennis ball and keep going. There are frisbees and tennis balls all over DeForest, hidden by Reggie. We met many a neighbor when they called asking if we had lost a white dog. All commented on how well behaved he was and many offered to adopt him. He loved to swim in the lake and go camping with us. I always felt safer knowing he was on watch. He loved to be close to us. He would follow you all around the house, and whenever you stopped, he lay down at your feet -- sometimes behind you, so if you weren't careful, you'd end up on your nose when you turned around.

Unfortunately, after 13 1/2 years he was ready to take his final nap. He did that with love and grace also. The look in his eyes and the final wag of his tail said it all, "I've loved you all, and this has been fun, but I'm so very tired." No matter how long you know it's coming or how prepared you think you are, it breaks your heart to have to say goodbye. We will miss Reggie terribly. There will never be another dog like him, but we thank God for blessing us with him.

Monday, October 13, 2008

This and That

First off Carissa awesome job on the pillows and curtains, we enjoyed the show and the story. Next, we had our Oct B-Day gathering and Bon Voyage to Brian. Chris and I have B-Days and Brian is leaving on the 20th for China. He gets back Nov. 6th the beginning of Christmas season. We gave him Ashlynns first ornament as a token of what a great Christmas a baby brings. We all know Christmas through the eyes of a child is the best and most unforgettable feeling. I also got the coolest present. I got a rainforest to play with with Ashlynn, Wow how much fun we will have. We gave Chris all kind of goodies to enjoy like Coffee, pumpkin pecan bread, gourmet cheese and crackers and a funny card to make him laugh. I also got a book about Tim Russert who passed away this year and was my political encyclopedia. I will read with coffee on the deck and enjoy fall with the laughs and warmth he inspired in people every day. The Irish Catholic boy from Buffalo will live in the hearts of many and hopefully the world will be better for what we learned from Tim and Big Russ his Dad. We had Turkey Dinner carryouts from St. Pats and it was very low key, little work and very wonerful Birthday memory. The rainforest picture was actually taken this morning before Ashlynns nap, so it is already being enjoyed.
I hope everyone made great use of the wonderful weekend weather and soaked up the warmth to save for the coolness that will come soon. Enjoy your week and enjoy life! Make one person feel better this week and you will feel even better yourself.

Saturday, October 11, 2008


Good fall Saturday morning. I just heard a commercial on TV this morning about Extreme Home Makeover. The Richland Center Family show is being aired on Sunday Oct. 12th, that is this Sunday for anyone who has lost track of time with this awesome weather. Carissa helped with the window treatments and pillows for this house. I believe she said she worked on Ty's special room so it should get some good air time. Kelly get out the Kleenex and popcorn and get the couch ready for the best yet Extreme Home Makeover. Carissa feel free to correct me or add a new post with anymore FYI about the show. Must see TV for me this weekend. We are washing windows today and enjoying every minute of the warmth. My wish for you all this weekend is to do something fun and enjoy where you live and what it has to offer. Julie
P.S.Pic: I was folding laundry and Ashlynn was helping.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

MANY HAPPY BIRTHDAYS and some other musings from the middle of the night

HAPPY GOLDEN BIRTHDAY DAWN!! I thought about you the entire day (well, when I wasn't thinking of Joey and HIS 10th birthday!) I hope you were able to celebrate exactly how you wanted to!!

And yes, Joey turned 10 yesterday! Double digits! How is this happening??!! I am so thankful I still have a little buddy to be able to take treats to for school on his birthday! Vince and he made individual dirt dessert cups on Sunday, complete with worms sticking out, 30 of them, to be exact! When I arrived in his classroom to pass them out before first recess, I barely recognized my own kid! In fourth grade, when you're celebrating your birthday, you can pick out of a box of all sorts of accessories to wear for the day. Joey was wearing some Mardi Gras beads, a pirates patch over one eye, a very tall Dr. Suess-like green and white striped hat with shamrocks all over it and a witches nose, complete with huge wart!! I KNOW I did not send him out the door that morning looking like that!!! (He did, however, leave the house that morning with one black sock and one white sock and said he didn't care. I see some major shades of JOSH coming out in this boy!)

Anyway, THAT was a fun part of my day, let me tell you. After school, he and I went bowling and the kids that were practicing for Special Olympics were all there and we enjoyed their enthusiasm for all their little victories! I recognized a lot of them from the high school (from when I sub in Special Ed) and one of the guys wished Joey a Happy Birthday even! Then it was off to the Latest Craze for some shopping, home for a little homework before Vince got home...then a bike ride with his dad, phone calls from his siblings and other fun relatives, and then we ordered his favorite (and Noah's!) sweet and sour chicken from Chiang Jiang. He also received a Brewers home jersey with Fielder on the back from his illustrious (and INdustrious!) parents and a hot fudge sundae before the day had to be over. He said he hated going to bed that night because that meant his birthday had to be over! (I can remember having birthdays with zeroes at the end...I couldn't WAIT to get into bed so it could be OVER!)

It's interesting how your age affects your perspective on things, isn't it?!

We also had another birthday in our family over the weekend...NICK TURNED 21 !!!!!
Sunday was Nick's birthday and it felt quite odd not to see him on his birthday. Luckily, Meaghan was able to secure a cupcake from the cafeteria at school and then she took it down to Nick while he worked in the convenience store later that day! Yes, he worked on his birthday, did some homework, watched the Packers lose AND he went out with another friend who turned 21 this week to Harry's, to see what the inside of a tavern really looks like! I trust he was responsible since he had classes on Monday AND he had to also work. I am in shock and denial...that my oldest is now 21! Why, I'm BARELY that myself some days!!

We went out to Mae and Doug's on Sunday to view their finished kitchen and it is ABSOLUTELY beautiful! I didn't recognize a lot of the people there (what?! they know other people besides us Reindl's!!???) but Mom and Dad were there, and Monica and Bill. We got to hear about Lexi's extremely jam-packed week AND the fact that the girl had to get ready for her Homecoming Dance in 15 minutes (AND LOOK BEAUTIFUL, might I add!) I will let Monica blog on here and let you know about that but it was fun to hear how much Lexi is growing up and enjoying high school life!

Back to the kitchen...very, very lovely and you can see that the hard work really paid off. I am sure there will be pictures posted and for those of you that have been there BEFORE the new kitchen, it is QUITE a change. They also celebrated Mary Beth's graduation from MATC and her degree in photography and she had quite a few photographs out of her work...
wow!!! they were all quite stunning and beautiful and it's just very cool to watch someones' talent come out in their art!! Way to go, Mary Beth!

An update on Koda, Joey's little brother...he is doing very well and loves to chew on anything around him!! yikes!! Luckily, we scored a bunch of puppy chew toys from a garage sale ("we'll take the whole box, thankyouverymuch!!!") and I put them in a basket on the floor in the living room. It is absolutely too cute to watch him go over to the basket, and then select one to chew on for awhile! He has been a breeze to, um, potty-train, so in that respect, I LOVE that dog!! I called the people we bought him from and let them know what a fabulously wonderful puppy he has been so far, and they asked us if we were interested in another one!! WHAT?!! No, we did NOT take another little brother for Joey...however, IF someone might be interested, they do have one more available. I'm not sure which one it is (I didn't ask because I don't want to be swayed) but I can assure you this puppy's temperament is very, very sweet.

As far as Joey's other siblings, here's a quick lowdown on each of them...

Meaghan - she actually stayed down in Milwaukee and seems to be enjoying classes (except for Math!) She is one of the only Caucasian people in her Freshman Seminar class, which happens to be a Hmong literature class...who knew!? So it's Meaghan, two other blondes and 26 Hmong people. The cool thing is she LOVES this class and it's her favorite! She actually doesn't mind the dorm life (she has some very cool roommates) and has ventured over to her brother's place to do her laundry, hang out and cook some Ramen noodles! I love hearing from her!

Josh - he is loving apartment life, managing his classes (I think he is only enjoying the finger-picking guitar class on Thursday nights!) AND he got a job at Mamma Mia's pizza place (not far from his house) as an assistant manager. He started there a few weeks ago, learning the cooking, etc. and then he has been working on the managerial stuff. He is the supervisor on the nights he works, which he hasn't quite gotten used to yet. The other night, he asked one of the people if it would be okay if he cooked himself something to eat. And the kid said to him, "How should I know? YOU'RE the boss!"

Nick - he is loving his place too (along with Josh and their two roommates), and is especially enjoying his film classes that he has. He hasn't asked me to be in any of his films yet, but I'm sure it won't be long before he recognizes my star potential!! Oh, I am so kidding there! He actually doesn't film people, he is more into the city, nature, etc. scapes (if I understand it correctly.) He has also taken on another job, tutoring kids that come into this pediatric clinic not too far from campus. It's through the university and last year, he did volunteer work at this place for one of his classes. This year, they were offering actual paying jobs to kids with work study money on campus so he jumped at the chance to go back there again. He really enjoys teaching the kids to read and I enjoy the stories he has about them!

People ask us if our house is quiet now, with the three older ones off to college, and honestly, Vince and I will look at each other and say, "What?! Three kids aren't living here anymore??!!" Seriously, as much as I miss the drums and the band and the in-fighting about the bathroom shower, it has been replaced by a new puppy (brother), a fourth-grader taking piano and now clarinet lessons, he also bowls on a league twice a week, Vince and I have re-joined a bowling league we used to be on years ago (every other Friday night and it's smoke-free so it's easier for me to deal with now), and I still play volleyball on a league, plus Vince has been helping with building the Haunted House for the Jaycees (maybe the Rotary, I don't know, but he carpools with Mike Storch and HE got him involved) ... we also have to throw in some visits to Milwaukee, LaCrosse and lunching in Janesville with my mom and sister... oh yeah, not to mention our jobs, so honest to God, it is NOT quiet around here whatsoever.

...and I am so happy about that...

Well, I think I have told you all I know about us so far. (Well, at least what the older kids will share with me, anyway!) I hope you all know that we are thinking of you and always praying that things are going well (and if they aren't going well, that you are at least able to deal with it :) Here's a quote that I found awhile ago that I want to share, by Erma Bombeck ... It goes like this...

When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left and I could say, "I used everything that you gave me".

love and peace to you all,
~kelly :)

Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Kitchen Is Done!!!!

So...... the kitchen is done but right now I don't have time to post pictures but,.....I will have a slideshow of the whole transformation at our party on the 28th (this coming up Sunday) for all those who come. I will post some pictures soon for all those who can't make it to the party. But it is done, for the most part (it will be by this Sunday), and we're all very happy about it (I think) :)

Talk to you all soon. MaryBeth

My Football Superstar

Here are a few pics of Noah after a tough game in the rain. His team has 1 win, 1 loss, and 1 tie. Noah is playing awesomely. Exploding off the line, putting some pressure on the QB, tackling hard, and offensively tough. He is always a joy to watch-my football superstar!

Friday, September 19, 2008


I just thought I would share a picture of Ed feeding Ashlynn while we babysat. He is real happy she is 'big enough' to hold now. Doesn't he look a little 'Norman Rockwell' like? Julie

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Great Grandma and Grandpa Get a Visit

Brenda, Ashlynn and I went to Sun Prairie on Tuesday. Here is a picture of Grandpa putting Ashlynn to sleep(he will always have the touch). We had a great visit and we were even able to visit with Great Aunt Kelly on one of her short breaks. Here also is a picture of how hard we work when I have the privilege of hogging Ashlynn to myself on Mondays.

I also want to welcome Joey to the Blog. We really love having you post and everyone I talk to says how refreshing it is to have your contributions. We check the blog more often just to see if you posted or if anyone posted something new. Keep it up you make my day!

* Everyone Look at the new feature recently added. Links to Blogs and websites, under picture. Let me know if there are any other links you want added this your blog too.

Enjoy your Fall! Julie

Monday, September 8, 2008

Life Photography by Mary Beth

Hey everyone!
So yesterday I had nothing to do, and I just looked at what other people at put up. I looked at something that Mary Beth had put up, and I clicked on the link. I looked at all her pictures, and they were all very pretty. You've all gotta check it out.
Joey :)

Saturday, September 6, 2008


I got the baby brother I always wanted!! He's half Siberian Husky, a quarter Britney Spaniel (which, when my mom first said, I thought she said Britney Spears....), and a quarter Black Lab. He is very well behaved and LOVES going for walks, and chasing me in the back yard.
His name is Dakota and we had to drive three hours and thirteen minutes, all the way to White Lake, and back. Six hours in the car was worth it though. He is great with strangers and loves to cuddle.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

My kiddos

Here are some recent pictures of my ever growing kiddos:) For more pictures and funny stories visit my blog

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

We've reached a milestone-

A very exciting milestone I must say! Ashlynn has slept through the night for the past 4 nights! Woo Hoo! Here are a couple newer pictures.
Now i'm off to go get the lil one to bed and hope I didn't just ruin our 4 night streak!

Love- Brenda

Sunday, August 31, 2008

UW-Milwaukee Bound!!

Greetings one and all!

Well, the day has finally come and my three "peas in a pod" are off to UW-Milwaukee to pursue their separate dreams...*sniff, sniff* for me and HIP HIP HOORAY for them!!

Meaghan has already spent a few nights there although I'm not sure how much sleep she has gotten! She has a single room and only has to share her bathroom with three other girls. The dorm she is in, Sandburg Hall, is truly like staying in a hotel. There is a coffee shop, movie theatre, fabulous laundry facilities (where the machine actually EMAILS you when your load is done!!), a late night restaurant, a fitness center AND even a convenience store (that Nick works at)! Her cafeteria is also in there, not to mention a few computer centers, so she honestly NEVER has to leave...

well, I guess except to go to classes!

I should go back to college, or at least be an ambassador for UW-Milwaukee!

Nick and Josh will be moving into their house tomorrow. Meaghan is anxiously awaiting their arrival as she never, ever planned on being there by herself. It was terribly hard to say goodbye to her because always, in MY mind, I pictured a brother on either side of her when we dropped her off...and they couldn't move into their place until September we only had Meaghan to say farewell to. She said she is not going outside until they come, and I believe her!!

The boys' place is very, very cool. They are living 1-1/2 blocks from campus in the 2nd and 3rd stories of a nicely kept home. (Thank goodness!) On BOTH floors, there is a kitchen, large bathroom, TWO bedrooms, living room and some extra living space...the floors are connected by a spiral staircase in one living room and then there's also a stairwell in the back part of the house for when you just want to walk up normally! They also have off-street parking and in case you can't tell, I LOVE this place! We are hoping that they can live there until each one graduates, which should be at least four years IF they decide to stay in Milwaukee (or in school!) As I have learned with my own life, it's fun to explore and try all sorts of's not always about the destination, but it IS about the journey.

And Josh has taught me that all who wander are not lost...

Here are their email addresses, in case you want to drop them a line: Meaghan
(, Josh ( and Nick ( (I'm guessing you all noticed the pattern there! :)

IF you are like me, and like to also pencil in an address in my address book, here are their snail mail addresses:

Meaghan Reindl

3400 Maryland Avenue

Mailbox #2312

Milwaukee, WI 53211

Nick and Josh Reindl

2958 N. Cramer St.

Milwaukee, WI 53211

Well, I am going to get going now because I have to go and buy more Kleenex. Joey is doing really well so far, and we did welcome a new puppy into our lives (named Koda) that I'll blog about next time. Poor kid...with having to get Meaghan shopped for and off to college, and then the boys moving into their own place and making sure all the financial aid is in order and renting the U-Haul and coordinating all the moving...I forgot that JOEY starts school on Tuesday too!!

Pray for him...his mom has lost her mind...and three of her favorite roommates...

til next time,

xo, ~kelly

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Noah's Football Schedule

Been a while since I have blogged - very busy summer. We are working on fixin' up Noah's "new" basement bedroom and finally getting a bathtub in the basement bathroom. He is very excited! But, he is even more exited about his football. Everyone is invited to come and watch him play football - hopefully broken-arm free! Here is his schedule:

Sept. 6: 10:15 am at Deforest High School Field 1
Sept. 13: 10:15 am at Deforest High School Field 1
Sept. 20: 9:00 am at Waunakee Purple Field 1
Sept. 27: 10:15 am at Deforest Hight School Field 2
Oct. 4: 10:15 am at Warner Park White Field 1
Oct. 11: 10:45 am at Southside (Penn Park)
Oct. 18: 8:30 am at Deforest High School Field 2

We have a GREAT schedule with all the games fairly close.

See you on the sidelines!!!


Sunday, August 24, 2008

Summer Fun

Well it’s been a busy summer here at the Griepentrog’s with Arnie busy with the farm and work and Katie running after Oliver. Oliver is growing fast and is a very busy boy getting into everything and learning things way to fast. We have had fun this summer going swimming and to both Columbia and Dodge Fairs. Oliver and I went to the State Fair again this year with my mom, MaryBeth and Emily, which means that Oliver has now been to the State fair twice and Arnie still has yet to go in his life, oh, well maybe next year. I hope every one is enjoying their summer and I hope to see all of you at Mom and Dad at the end of September.
Swimming Fun
Yum! Yum! Sweet Corn