Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Hello All! Just wanted to share a bit of our day!

Love you All!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Make Believe

Oh to have the uncorrupted mind of a toddler. This is what Ashlynn's Friday at G & G's was like. She starts in her jammies reading to Grandpa from her new favorite place - a doll bed. Grandpa and Mommy go to work. She eats breakfast with Grandma and gets dressed. We have our coffee and she wears Grandmas pajama top as her gown. After a morning of playing with Brandi and Cody(Dawn's kids) she is exhausted. She is falling asleep in the doll bed. Time for a short 90 min nap. All this time Liam is eating sleeping and giving the hugest smiles and giggles. More pics of Liam to come, check back soon. I love my life. Julie

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Family Cooking Show...

Julia Child's doesn't hold a candle to cooking with Julie Doucette!

What a fun afternoon we had! I got a phone call this morning suggesting that I come enjoy an afternoon of giggles and laughter cooking in mom's kitchen. So off I set after picking up a few last ingredients from the store, with the mission of making Chicken Enchiladas. (for those that are now drooling, turn to page 90 of "Tasteful Treasures - The O'Connell Family Cookbook.)

So Mom, Brenda & I cooked (and sampled) to our hearts content! For the record, black beans are also a very good addition to the recipe, as well as the green chile enchilada sauce. :)

The whole time we cooked, Brenda's babies slept... we were able to zip around the kitchen quickly and without any accidents! :)

After... 25 steamy, cheesy, tasty enchiladas... YUMMY!!!

And one not-so-happy Ashlynn because Auntie Dawn woke her up from almost a 3 hour nap. But it's nothing a little Grandma snuggle can't fix!! :)