Friday, February 13, 2009

And we have a crawler!

That's right! Ashlynn has Figured out how to Crawl FORWARD! She has been crawling backwards for a couple weeks now but she just mastered how to actually GET somewhere. AND she's getting everywhere! In addition to crawling she learned to pull herself up and is attempting to pull herself up on anything and everything: The couch, Grandpa's leg, basket of toys, everything. She's been ever so curious and learned that the kitchen floor is slippery, she must be very quick to catch the cat, and that mom is silly enough to put all the DVDs back on the shelf after she removed them so she can remove them again! ha! It's fun and we are so excited! Hope everyone is well and Have a great day!

Love, Bren
P.S. The only books I've been reading are about 20 pages or less and have print so big i could read it from across the room. Ashlynn enjoys them tho! :-)

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Julie said...

Sorry I posted at the same time. Love the baby pictures. Give her a big kiss for me. Love, Mom