Saturday, February 7, 2009

Read Any Good Books Lately?

That's my question. I recently finished "Scarpetta" by Patricia Cornwell. I love this series of books. They're forensic thrillers centered around a medical examiner named Kay Scarpetta. I love murder mysteries, and this series always proves to be an "I can't put the book down" entertaining read.

Right now I'm reading "A Year of Living Biblically" by AJ Jacobs. He grew up in a secular Jewish home. As he puts it, the closest they ever got to actually practicing Judaism was to have a Star of David on top of their Christmas tree. So, he wants to find out why the Bible is so popular; could following the rules and principles in the Bible really have an impact on his life? He begins by reading many different versions of the Bible and ends up with over 700 rules he is going to attempt to follow from the all-popular 'be fruitful and multiply' and 'love thy neighbor' to the not-so-well-known 'don't wear clothing of mixed fibers' and 'wear fringes on the corners of your garments'. He has advisors from all different religions to help him in his quest and to help him understand why God would make some of these rules. Have you ever read the Bible? I 'm working on it - not done yet, but there are some really bizarre rules there, in the Old Testament especially.

AJ Jacobs' book is enlightening and at the same time laugh out loud funny. This guy really is committed to his quest, despite what his wife, family or strangers on the street say. I could just go on and on, but I won't. It's a really good book and y'all should read it. I would let you borrow mine, but I'm actually reading Kimberly's copy, and she would like me to hurry it up so she can read it.

So, please share with me. What are you reading? What have you read?

Have a Wonderful Weekend!

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Julie said...

Good Morning Rita, I say I have read a book from cover to cover in a while. I pick chapters and read them and read other chapters later so as you may have guessed I read Dr. Oz and other health books. I did however order the book Diane reccommended that Dad reccommended to her. That book will be here next week so I will see how that goes reading front to back. Enjoy the warm weather take a walk and breathe deep. Love ya, Julie

Dawn Doucette said...

Books... I LOVE Books! What a fantastic post!

I am actually reading a book that was recommended to me by a very dear business associate down in Texas. She's very spiritual mid-60's spunky woman. And she has a fantastic aura. She's one of those women that just makes you feel wonderful whether talking with her on the phone or spending time with her in person!

Anyhow, the book is actually 4 books in one. The compilation is The Wisdom of Florence Scovel Shinn. And the 4 books within it are "The Game of Life," "Power of the Spoken Word," "Your Word is your Wand," and "The Secret of Success."

She was a woman before her time. She died in 1940, and this book of her 4 works was put together in 1989. It's a very easy read, and she uses a Christian perspective to give us insite and vision into why life is the way it is... based on thoughts, feelings, actions and universal law.

It's a great read... I've had several "ah-ha" moments thus far. I got mine on Ebay used (because I love it when someone else has highlighted and taken notes already), but I know it's on amazon too!

I hope you give it a read! I know you'll love it!

Audrey said...

Well of course I just read the book you bought me at target in like a day, 600 pages in a day you could say I am ADDICTED! I love when I get really good books. It was the second installment in the twilight series called new moon. The movie for the first book just came out in November. So good such my kind of fantasy world which if you watch or read it you will think I am a little weird or really weird and I know this. Then I ran (literally) to the store to buy the third,Eclipse, one which I again read in two days and am now on the fourth and final one, Breaking Dawn. It's like a movie in my head and I can't press pause I have to keep reading painting the picture in my head. Such a great love story! Which brings me to my answer for the poll. Honestly I wouldn't want to be a superhero. This is really weird but I would rather be Vampire like the ones I am reading about. The ones that don't feed off humans but feel the need to protect them. LIke in the show Buffy, the Underworld movies, and the Twilight books. I love it! And I did read the one my mama is finishing It was really good,entertaining and interesting. Well love you all!

p.s. I know being a Vampire sounds weird but I have always been that way.