Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

Good Morning all our sweeties in WI, MN, FL & AZ!!! Does anybody have sweet plans for the day... breakfast in bed, box 'o chocolates, dinner and a movie... anything to share the wonderful love? We just want to wish everybody a warm, snuggly, wonderful day! I love showing the love... so next to Christmas, this is one of my favorite holidays!

Give an extra kiss, lots of extra hugs and make sure to give the cat, pups, fish or ferrets a few extra treats (they need to feel the love too!)

Love you all!

3 endearing comments:

Julie said...

Good coffee(thanks to you), sunshine and music makes it a great day. Have a great night with the Celtic Women Show. Love you, Mom

Julie said...

Oh and I can't wait for the next poll does Joey have another one. It was awesome.

Brenda said...

We are staying in and enjoying a homemade Chicken/Asparagus Stirfry! Spending some time watching a good movie and doing nothing but relaxing. (Thats after Brian did oil changes to our cars this afternoon) :-)